Somewhere in this vast forum, someone posted they were having issues changing the wifi network on the new hub. I can’t find the post and am wondering if it got resolved.

There was a known problem with the connect home model line, which includes a Wi-Fi mesh router.

I don’t remember one for the new V three hub, but I haven’t been reading all those posts.

The one you mention is not the one I was trying to find. If I remember right, someone set up the wifi on a new v3 then changed routers and couldn’t get the v3 changed to the new router.

I am going to be setting up one for a friend and was going to do most of it at my place then take it to him. But I would have to change the wifi at that point. Just wanted to be sure I could do it.

Hopefully somebody who had the problem will see this and respond.

This one?


It doesn’t work in the current image on the hub. I have the fix for this done & merged and it should go out with the 0.24.x release. I don’t know when that will be. I think it will also require an app update, but I’m even less sure about the status on that end.

You can do a soft factory reset & re-claim to change wifi, but that’s less than ideal for lots of reasons. I think you can soft reset, start claim, just do wifi setup, then abandon the process and then manually reboot the hub to only change the wifi, but I have not tested that, so try at your own risk.

cc: @smart (from the linked thread)


I am good with Ethernet plugged into one of the Google WiFi points. And for once, the mobile presence is spot on versus the v2. I have not received the message to migrate as of now. Missus already received hers way back.

Set up a new V3 hub using ethernet and now have an issue doing a secure join on some Kwikset locks. Want to be able to enable Wi-Fi so I can move the Hub next to the locks but there doesn’t seem to be any way of doing this after the fact. Hopefully after the firmware revision this Thursday it will be an option. Seems silly it wasn’t in there from the start.

Glad I am not alone… I have not found how to configure WiFi. I wanted to do it after reading that the hub prefers wired connections so having both configured would not preclude me from normally running the hub wired.

Has anyone here found how to get into their V3 WiFi settings yet (without doing a complete reset)? I have app version 1.6.29-247 running on my phone but am unable to access my WiFi settings. I am still using my V2 hub and the classic app for all my SmartThings devices and only using the V3 for WiFi. I set up the V3 WiFi quite some time ago with the then current Samsung app when the V3 first came out and had no problems at that time. Somewhere in the newer versions of the app I lost the ability to access the WiFi settings. I have to say the mesh WiFi has been operating flawlessly. I just want to change my network name and password but can’t. I have been working with support via email for about a week and they haven’t come up with an answer for me yet. Do I need to have the Samsung app rediscover my V3? How will that affect my current V2 operations?

I just discovered this thread How to Update Smartthings Hub (2018) Wifi Settings? and it looks like it is still being worked on, but no easy answer yet.