Hub V3 complete reset

I have a hub v3 which keeps going offline and online. I am trying to reset it to start from scratch but it keeps being recognised as the same hub and loading up all the devices (although they all need re-pairing) and smart apps. I have done the reset procedure, removing mains, pressing reset button, plugging in mains, releasing when solid yellow. I have also tried adding the hub to a different location.

Also deleting the hub in my account comes up with an error.
Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
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Sun Mar 31

did you manage to get this sorted as it would be useful to document the answer for anyone else facing the same issue if you did.

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I connected my hub using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi, and that stopped the incessant disconnections.

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fab, thanks for the update, I have mine set to use wifi, however it is right next to the hub so I might opt for an ethernet cable instead just for stability reasons.