Hub V2 - working integrations (US Accounts)

Since completing my migration thought I would report on the integrations that I and others have reported on and their operational status.
:smile: -Logitech Harmony (connect) (beta) no issues, working bidirectionally
:smile: -HUE (connect), no issues, working as well as it did on V1
:smile: -Amazon Echo, perfect.
:smile: -Life360 (connect), no issues
:grin: -Samsung audio (connect), working (must update all sami device firmware with sami app prior to connecting with ST)
:grin: -SmartCam HD Pro, (take note of 8 character camera password length limitation)
:disappointed: -IFTTT (currently US only)

Have you uninstalled the SmartCam HD app, and then re-installed? Did you do the most recent firmware update to 1.6 on the camera? Can you connect to the camera via the SmartCam HD app?

–app won’t install without discovering/configuring the camera, can’t get past the set password/verify password page, verification fails on a new camera.
–haven’t updated the camera firmware, as I’d venture it requires a ton of crap apps
from SAMI in order to do it…

Nope just the SmartCam HD app. Also, reboot your hub and try again. I had issues with the hub not discovering until it was rebooted too.

IFTTT is working for the U.S., but not the UK due to an authorization issue. Support is aware of it and is reportedly working on it.

The camera password is limited to 8 characters! (as evidenced by the sami app), camera is attached now.

I bought a smartcam hd after migrating and hooked it up via wifi with the samsung crap app. When I discovered it in ST it walked me through the firmware update right in ST.

How well does smartcam hd pro with st v2? Any issues? May pick one up as i doubt i ever will get full usage of my dropcam pro.

The camera works fine, the clip capture in SHM is in beta, but it’s working, occasionally a clip won’t render on the back end.
The STV2 app in general, and the clip features seem to work much better in android Lollipop than in KitKat…

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Great thanks! Regular reviews from non-st users isnt as helpful in this case.

The Liftmaster MyQ Smartapp works for me.