Hub v2 Offline? I thought stuff was designed to still work?

I thought that part of the v2 was designed to have your devices still be controlled when the hub can’t contact the internet?

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Only something this work offline right now. Specifically:

  1. Smart Lighting apps IF the app only uses devices that use default/standard device types.
  2. SmartHomeMonitor child apps should also work offline.
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Well that is crappy… I could have saved not only the money but the time and effort involved with getting the v2… I need apps that work regardless… Like my garage door open/close or doors lock/unlock when presence sensors come and go…

You probably can still use the Smart Lighting App for this, assuming that you’re using the Zigbee presence sensors and not the phone geo-location method.

Turn on [Garage Door Relay] when [Presence Sensor] Arrives.

The danger here is that unlike some of the more advanced garage door opening SmartApps this one doesn’t have any sort of fail safe built in to prevent the garage from opening if you sensor loses connection with the hub while you’re still home.

And there is the problem… Need a smarter app than the basics.

Can you please share the link to the App ? I am not able to find it in play store. Is it by Samsung ?
Also, you mean to say that, there would connection between the devices established due to the mesh network (ZigBee) while working offline, right ?