Hub V2 not connecting to some apps

I have a very annoying problem that started few weeks ago.
The hub has become unreliable at first, it does lose connection with some of the Z-wave devices at times.
then, the hub losy connection completely with the Hue bridge (which is a connect app)
then It lost connection (or at least became unresponsive) with Lannouncer and Landroid apps which are also a connect app.
eventually I feel that the hub is unable to connect to any app or device that is connected through a LAN connection which has become a very annoying issue.
Also the hub occasionally may not recognize the mode that it is supposed to be in, for example if I have an automation pp that is supposed to run in home mode only, it will still run at other modes too.
if anyone can help me with this I will be very appreciative.
Thank you