Hub v2 issues

I have the hub v2 with firmware 000.045.00011. I already upgraded my devices to EDGE
I noticed in the last few days (maybe since late november) some routines are not triggering sometimes.

  1. One on them is a simple routine (if humidity > x% start fan). Those were working for a long time. I can see the trigger happen but no action is triggered (at times).
  2. Another one that is having issues is a cycle routine: Swith turn on for 5 minutes and off for 5 minutes in a cycle. This used to run for weeks on end without issue. Now it fails (skips) several times a day

Any other person has issues with their hub?

Are they Zigbee devices, as there are many issues with those for some people.

As an example I seem to always have one different zigbee battery powered device that is connected but does nothing until I remove the battery and then it starts to respond again, and the associated routines start to work.

Also if your hub is disconnecting any timed routines are lost. There was a period of time a week or two ago that my hub was not very stable, but it was not as noticeable as in the past now that everything is on edge drivers.

@NickA the first failing routine with the fan involves two zigbee devices. The second failing routine involves two virtual switches. They used to work all the time. Now they fail randomly.
The second routine is a cycle that turn the swtiches on/off every 5 minutes. I have a sharptools monitor and get an email everytime smartthings cycle routine fails to trigger. So I know exactly every time it fails. Yesterday it failed 8 times. Before I used to see it fail once every 3 weeks (maybe hub updating, or something like that)

I have a v2 hub and 100% Edge Drivers and I am having the same issue.

I had a simple routine with 2 Z-Wave devices that kept failing, so yesterday I moved the routine to SharpTools which solved the problem.