Hub V2 - Hot Fix - 09/15/16 (15.8)

Maybe that’s why a beta testing group should be created? Just saying.


Please setup a group of us as Beta testers. Your lab tests suck. You need real world feedback prior to your releases. You did this before with the V2 Hub beta, why not now?


Just an update on this in case anyone else ever sees this or has this issue in their logs. I figured it out to be the devices (fan) default values for speed parameters were blank. This also give you the result of the fan will come on but not change speed. I am using the “My GE Fan Control Switch” DTH written by @johnconstantelo .

If you go to the devices details page in the IDE and scroll down to the preferences section. the vaules in the circled area in the image will be blank. Just click edit and enter the default values and everything will be good.

I don’t know how or why they went blank. I only noticed it after the update when I was looking through my activity logs. I know it was working before when I installed it. Who knows? More Gremlins.

I only recognized the source because I have had this happen before when I first installed one of my fan switches. I just wrote that up to newbie error.

OKAY EDIT #2: This came back again today. This time it would only do it when the fan was running. I had to remove the switch and put everything back. It appears to be correct now so possibly I was just lucky the other day when I put the values back. They need to be put back anyway.


There was also another Philips Hue hub update…I just applied it, and now my Hue lights are working much better.

No reboot of either hub was required after the Hue update was applied.

My Philips Hue hub software version is now: 01035934

Does anyone know if there’s a way to subscribe (with Philips) so I’ll get an email when there’s a hub update working? Having to launch the Hue app all the time is going to mean I won’t know when there’s an update…I hardly ever use it.

That update this morning added their motion sensor… Which can be preordered for $39.95.

Now Available for preorder from Amazon in both the US and the UK. :sunglasses:


Came home and none of my hue bulbs work through smartthings, not happy. I’ve applied the hue update as well but doesn’t help.

Please shoot a note to support. Entirely not working is a bit out of the ordinary and the team should be able to get you sorted out!

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Aaron, I honestly appreciate that you want us to open support tickets but is there any plan to get response time below 3+ days? I’m not trying to be negative but having such a huge lag from support typically resorts with a ‘everything looks normal now’ reply where sporadic issues are being missed. I know the typical replies when this question is raised ‘higher than normal load, adding more staff, large backlog, etc’. I’ve seen these excuses posted dozens of times. My honest question is when will support be able to provide actual, timely support? Numerous issues are being missed due to the delay in response, numerous of issues go unreported due to the stigma, numerous issues get exacerbated due to misinformation. Overall support and miscommunication are a huge issue for ST and I’m wondering if it is even on the radar to get fixed.

I personally stopped logging support tickets because they take several days to get a response and when they do the answer is usually some pre-scriped crap that provides no real value. Support is the face of your company and any real company knows the importance they play in customer perspective. Constantly telling us ‘known issue’ or ‘cannot reproduce’ means that you are not giving them the proper tools they need to succeed.

Please empower support to help nail down these recurring and nagging issues once and for all. Not only will it improve customer satisfaction but it will also help to establish trends which leads to faster triage and pattern recognition. These are a win-win across the entire organization since they are the first responders of the company.

Well said and I agree!

First response is typically less than 24 hours (although this weekend we got backlogged). Second response is typically a bit longer because, if we couldn’t get it right the first time, then we are looking to reply with a firm resolution. Either way, opening the ticket will allow us to identify and prioritize trending issues.

If you have not gotten a first reply within 24 (with a bit of patience on over the weekend), shoot me a DM with the ticket number (we fixed the issue where you were not getting a confirmation email), and I will investigate what is going on.

24 hours? Are we talking 24 business hours because I’ve never received a reply from ST the next day. Here’s an example of the latest:

Ticket: #257315

Ticket opened: Sunday at 22:54
Support reply: Tuesday at 12:13
My update: Tuesday at 22:46
Supports reply: (hasn’t happened as of 9/22)

That’s still 2 days in between messages where sporadic performance issues are being missed and the support reply is “issue seems to have resolved itself”. The issue has NOT resolved itself and it still takes 20+ seconds for my Smart Lighting automatons to fire. So while we are doing what you asked and opening tickets, we are being blow off by support because they are missing when the issue is happening. The ticket is then marked as as non-reproducible and closed, meanwhile the issue keeps pooping up. This is causing frustration to users and giving the perception that support is unable to help.

Got your ticket… pinging you 1:1 shortly. Stay tuned

I’m seeing same thing. I emailed help about video clips not playing but if downloaded you can see them. I got a reply two days later did what he asked and nothing heard since. This has to be effecting more then just me as I thought I read others saying this.

Support got me fixed up, we had to remove the hue bridge and re-add it.

Totally lost control of hue last night and the usual st hub reboot doesn’t fix. I’m going to totally remove and re add hue connect “again” and see it that helps. Fairly certain it won’t but I would like to be wrong.

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There is yet again another hue connect update pending… might want to hold off for a few days…

Totally removed all bulbs, apps and bridge and re added. Seems to have done the trick for now. I will assume that as usual next Thursday or Friday it will stop again.
Now to start re building my routines and lighting setups all over again! :slight_smile:

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When is that coming? Mine work just fine now, so that way I can let the wife know when they will probably break.


Don’t know, I trolled it via the st feed…