Hub V2 - Hot Fix - 09/15/16 (15.8)

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  • Fix for customers with lots of Hue bulbs causing their SmartThings hub to go offline.

Please make the link text smaller, it’s taking up my entire monitor. kthx


So, another patch being released on Thursday. Didn’t they learn from last time?

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We’ll see… They are also supposedly releasing a pretty significant mobile client update that day as well.

Which is both exciting and nerve racking because they still haven’t opened up beta testing to 3rd party developer to help test our apps before hand.

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So does this fix the weekly Hue hub going offline and never coming back online but still works perfectly in the Hue app bug?
Punctuation deliberately left out. :smiley:


That sounds not really good. Do they really know what they do?

Yesterday, I seemed to lose control of all the Hue lights via SmartThings, though the Hue app is still working…is this the same problem that you’re referencing?

This is the first time in many months I’ve had problems, but as I’ve made such a big investment, when things are broken…it really buggers the whole “Smart Home” experience.

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Fix for Hue hub causing your SmartThings hub to reboot

To provide some additional details and a small correction, this hotfix targets a problem reported by a subset of users who had a large number of Hue devices connected through a bridge. Users with the problem would have their hubs go offline (not reboot) when the Hue bridge was connected. We did a limited release to users who had reported this problem with good results.

The actual problem turned out to be indirectly related to hue with the actual changes being implemented in the code that manages the connection with the cloud. In theory, the problem could be triggered with any set of devices that generated sufficient traffic in a short period of time (Hue happens to generate a lot of data in a short period of time when you have a lot of bulbs, particularly with Hue local polling).


This issue sounds like it would be separate from anything being addressed with this hotfix. If you can, file an issue with support so we can get additional details and statistics about problems that might exist. In particular, it would be very useful to identify if SmartThings / Hue are not agreeing on the current IP address of the bridge (just a theory).

Ive been in touch with UK support over the last 3-4 months trying to track down this problem. Basically ST decides that the Hue hub is offline when its not. Looking at the live logs when its in that state i can see ST sending a request to the Hue hub but it doesn’t seem to parse the response that’s sent.

I know that its getting a response because if it copy the http request string from the log and paste it into a browser i get a response that lists all my hue devices shown above. The only way to get ST hub to think the Hue is online again is to reboot the ST hub (via the reboot utility in the dev site). I am certian its not an IP issue as i had my router issuing a static IP for the Hue Hub to make certian that it wasnt that.
Apparently I’m am not the only one with this issue.

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I sent a message to support a while ago…waiting for a response.

Ryan in the UK team is dealing with my case but he is on hols so Thomas is looking into it. Apparently someone in support has the exact same problem which is handy in some respects


I can confirm that the Android SmartThings app shows my Hub offline, however, the web interface lists it as ACTIVE. Though I’ve not yet seen any log entries for it.

I’ll try rebooting the SmartThings hub if I can find the web side control, and see if that makes a difference.

Rebooting the SmartThings hub didn’t make a difference. It’s still showing the Hue as being offline despite the fact that I see logs that appear to indicate a good connection.

The IP listed via “Hue (Connect)” is the correct one, and I get a good list back of lights when I copy/paste the URL listed in the logs, so the Philips Hue hub appears to be functioning correctly.

I had the same problem from midnight onwards. My smart home turned into a stupid one as I cursed that my lights refused to obey me. All recovered by the morning though.

Are we just crossing our fingers that tomorrows’ hub firmware update will fix this, or is this a completely different problem?

At last! I haven’t been able to use Smartttings since August 24th when the issue first occurred and my hub became inactive.

@slagle can you pass the known Hue issue ( well we have known about it for a couple weeks) down the line to the lower support staff ( I won’t mention names in forum ) so they do not just delete all Hue devices from ST ,like happened to me last week. Since all hues were deleted on your end, I was able to get Hue reconnected to ST. However I can not get any Hue devices to work in automations. " you are not authorized to perform that operation" when trying to add any Hue bulb to any SmartLighting action.
So I went from reporting 2 Blooms not syncing /reporting properly in ST, to not being able to control any Hue devices in ST. Outcome like this is why I don’t bother reporting most issues to support. Reporting does more harm than good.

Basically yes! I’m certainly hoping so. I think it’s all related to load between hub and bridge. As the problem comes and goes for me. Not sure how many is a lot of devices on hue but I have 27 plus two dimmers on the hue bridge and getting intermittent craziness going on.

Well I have 23, including 2 dimmers & a Tap. 4 more on order. Have had all kinds of issues the past few weeks. So lets hope.