HUB v2 bricked after the firmware update, Samsung ST support refuses to send me one outside of UK/US


So i’ve been in constant contact with the Smartthings dev here on the forum and customer support on the ticket service ever since they started updating the hubs with the newest firmware. It would seem that last week they have pushed a firmware to v2 hubs which screws up with DHCP client, and since they cannot connect to the cloud/ST servers it is impossible to update firmware to fix it.

After constant back and forth we’ve come to the conclusion that a replacement hub is the only way in this case, however they’ve hit a “problem”. Because i bought the hub from AMAZON.CO.UK which sent it to ROMANIA (where I live), Samsung said they CANNOT send one outside the US or UK because “it is not supported outside these regions”. I’ve asked them to at least send it to Samsung Romania since they are present here but the answer was:

While there is a Samsung presence there, since SmartThings is not launched in Romania the Romanian Samsung team does not carry any stock of SmartThings devices, so they are unable to ship a Hub to you. We are limited to only being able to ship within the countries that have launched SmartThings hardware and as a result have a shipping process setup for them.

I’m sorry but what’s STOPPING Samsung from sending a HUB to an affected customer? Is DHL or UPS incapable of delivering a PACKAGE? Am I in a third world country and not a member of the EU?

Samsung Smartthings devs have pushed a FIRMWARE UPDATE to a DEVICE without proper QA and in retrospect bricked countless hubs throughout the world, and their answer to this is: we can’t send you a hub because you live in a country where we haven’t launched yet…

If we as users aren’t supposed to use a device outside that country, then DO NOT SELL IT THROUGH ANY RETAILERS THAT SHIP OUTSIDE THAT REGION!

ST Staff reading this, please escalate this ticket further up the line so I don’t have to escalate this legally.

Have a nice day!

Shipping RF devices worldwide is NOT as easy as you may think. There are lots of laws, certifications, etc governing what can go where. Just because Amazon managed to ship it to you in Romania does not mean it was done following 100% of the rules. Customs often miss one off shipments even if they are not supposed to be let in, but larger organizations tend to have very strict rules on what they can ship and where as they cannot risk knowingly breaking any of these rules. I am not saying there is some law preventing this shipment as I do not know all the applicable rules/laws but I am not ready to assume there isn’t one just because Romania is part of the EU (although I find it a very compelling argument that if it is allowed in the UK then it should be in Romania as well). On top of RF rules, there is a whole set of rules on the power supply side… as an example, Japan used the same plug as the USA however a USA cable should not be shipped to Japan unless is has PSE certification on it (Japanese safety certification). I’ve seen where companies had to have two identical cables, one marked for the USA and one for Japan, even though the cables themselves were identical… seems silly, doesn’t it?

Anyway, there may be a way around this issue for you. There are many forwarding companies that give you a personalized shipping address you can use for shipments that can only ship to that specific country, and they then forward the shipment to you. I do not know the cost, and in this case it may exceed the cost of simply buying a new hub, but it may well be an option… ST ships to a UK address and then the forwarder ships it to you. They often can also consolidate a number of items you ordered from different suppliers, and forward them to you in one shipmentr. An example of such service is:

I just found them on Google so I have no direct relationship or experience with them.


I actually got the smartthing outlets replaced due to potential fire hazards in earlier posts some time ago, which I bought as the whole set from Amazon uk, I returned and shipped through local post office in Asia and then gave an uk address for smartthing to ship a replacement to me through a forwarder company, and I also managed to return a smartthing starter kit to amazon uk without the batteries through DHL or so, it is kind of troublesome but doable

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It’s literally not that, it’s that they don’t want to take any responsibility for this blunder. Since Amazon is shipping these hubs i’m sure there are no rules or regulations that have this issue, exhibit a: I bought an NVIDIA Shield Tablet in the US back in 2015 and in 2016 there was a mass recall of all tablets that had a certain production number (mine included). Even though the tablet was not released in Romania, they sent a replacement tablet and left me to displace of my own device.

So it’s a matter of: “we’ll use this excuse to not fix our mistake” rather than a “legal issue”. They could’ve just sent it to their local distribution center in Romania, but this is a total lack of disrespect towards customers. I will take my business elsewhere however.

EDIT: After 2 customer support chats, i managed to arrange a new hub be shipped by Amazon UK and i’m returning the faulty one, but as the CS person suggested, they shouldn’t be the ones doing this, but Samsung.

I am glad it was resolved for you, but I stand by my original comment - It is much more complicated than you think, especially for large corporations that are actually aware of the rules and have significant incentives to follow them to avoid penalties… I have experienced it directly.