Hub v2 + BLE = Kevo?

I don’t think so. Kevo is bluetooth technology. Other locks are zwave or zigbee. Smartthing hub has bluetooth chip inside but it is not turn on yet. So unless kevo allow cloud to cloud integration is very unlikely.

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Yea, I understand and this is still disappointing.
The two major smart locks seem to be Kevo and August.
It would be a great to have this controlled by ST.

Roger (SmartThings)
Nov 4, 4:59 AM


Glad your up and running.

We support Z-Wave locks from Kwikset. I don’t know if we will support Kevo.

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Any update on the Kevo with wifi Gateway? I have one of these, and not having integration with ST is killing me. About to throw it out and replace it, but don’t really like the other options… I liked this cause it was clean and no buttons, etc.

I also just got my keno plus and its pretty nice. The main selling point though was the potential that it would allow for cloud support from smartthings or one of my various other hubs including an echo and harmony home control.

My smart home is coming together piece by piece, being able to tell my echo to secure the castle and have the doors lock, alarm activate and lights turn off is the ultimate goal.

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ya liking the ability to lock/unlock remote/etc. Just want to integrate that function into ST…

So i think I can get a device type going, however does anyone know how to parse basic HTML with the smart things http requests. I know how to do it in Groovy but it won’t let me import HttpBuilder and the http requests smart things includes doesn’t seem to work with plain HTML.

This is needed to parse the csrf token not he login page. Once you login there is a basic JSON api that can lock and unlock and get status for the kevo plus.

Someone got part of the stuff documented here: