Hub uptime display bug?

I’ve noticed what appears to be a small bug in the IDE when displaying the details for the hub – the “Uptime” is not accurately updated.

A few days ago, I removed power from the hub and when I powered it back up, I noticed that the hub uptime showed 337 seconds in the IDE, which seemed fine. However, the uptime value never updated or changed over the next few days even though the hub was online and functioning. Then, yesterday, my hub was disconnected from the cloud while I installed a new cable modem (but power was retained to the hub), and when I reconnected it, the uptime for my hub updated to 366330 seconds, and has not changed since.

It seems that the hub is keeping tabs of its uptime correctly, but either it’s not sending updates to the cloud or the display in the IDE isn’t being updated with new values unless the hub loses connection and then reconnects.

I have a screenshot, but I don’t think it’s necessary unless someone wants to see a picture of exactly what I just described. :slight_smile:

Anyone else notice this?

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So am I the only one that this happens to?

Old post, but wanted to reply for reference. Yes, I am experiencing this exact issue. Uptime is 790 seconds which is WAY off even though the hub shows active and connected. Doesn’t increment.

Glad to see that it’s not “just me” experiencing this issue. :slight_smile:

This is changed now (as of cloud release today). The uptime field has gone away and we now display a “last booted” time.