Hub Update Monday August 15

Mine updated as well, no behavior changes noted. I am home watching :neutral_face:

Mine is showing up.


Cam support will be out today :wink:

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Mine did. I have readded some back

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ide is showing the correct firmware version, just the app says null.
Everything appears to be working OK.
Probably an andriod thing.
Anyone else with an andriod showing null?


Got the firmware upgrade, still dont see the new cameras under safety and security (things or smartapps)

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Sorry I should have been more clear. I was referring to Nest Manager

I don’t know that ST will ever get an official integration :slight_smile:

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No problem here on android.

My only issue was a phantom event.

Mine is Android…

Mine is still offline/inactive. The website still shows I’m on 000.014.00040.

I’m able to ping the device, although it doesn’t seem to be active even after a few restarts/battery pulls.

yes I’m in the UK and have got Null in the Android app and hubcoreVersion: 000.015.00003 in IDE

Hi @Aaron.
As you can see from this post a couple of us in UK can see that the upgrade to 15.3 has taken place by looking in the ide on the hub.
BUT our android app is showing null.
Whilst I do not think this is causing any issues (a couple of CoRE pistons have fired successfully for me) perhaps this is something that needs to be looked in to.

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Total outage here now due to the NA connectivity issues.

Try killing the ST app and reopening it.

Who the heck installed the fan so close to the toilet seat? :smiley: Dang it!

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Benefit of using LIFX.

During ST outage I still don’t have to get off the couch.

As they work through both ST app and LIFX app. Nothing else though…

Wait, I can still reboot my Rokus. Shameless plug.

If you have a Hue bridge, those should still work. :sunglasses:

I just noticed I can still manually turn lights on and off. Wait, I can do that when ST works too?!


No issues here.

Can see new version.


This is the first update I didn’t lose any devices after reboot and no isses ( other than a strange error in my logs that it’s being researched).

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