Hub transmits normally but no incoming sensor data is it really dead?

My hub has been behaving strangely since 8th October when it lost connection with the cloud & showed a blue flashing light. Now it will only transmit commands from the hub to either Zwave or Zigbee devices & these activate lights etc. correctly. However no data is being received by the hub from any devices or sensors.

Light dimmers (fibaro/aeon & smartthings sockets) respond to the iphone app and routines work ok. I can also trigger the ‘beep’ function on smartthings presence key fobs.

All of the PIRs, keypads, window, presence and other sensors don’t show any incoming communication with the hub – neither zwave or zigbee. If I monitor the messages in the API live logging I see no traffic unless I trigger a routine or button on the iphone app.

Support have just told me my hub is dead and I need a swap out and reconfigure my entire system (aaarrrgh!). However I am still hoping there is some solution I have missed so far. Has anyone else experienced this? Why is it not affecting transmit but is affecting receive, and why both zwave and zigbee affected?