Hub takes forever to finish a scene/routine (will we ever get parallel execution instead of serial?)

I’ve only been a SmartThings user for several months now, but I’ve built up a network of 40+ devices already (it is addicting!). As I move towards having a larger network, and begin taking advantage of routines or scenes that perform an operation on lots of my devices, I’ve realized that the hub must be talking to each device, once at a time. This isn’t too noticeable when operating on one or two devices, but when I execute “Goodnight”, and it turns off every light in the house except for the lamps on our nightstands, it can take up to a minute before it finishes executing!

I’ve remember seeing others mention this problem as I’ve browsed the forums over the last six months, but I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion about this topic (at least nothing I can find using search). Is there something I might be doing wrong? Do people just get used to it and stop complaining? Is this something that is limited by the protocols (most of my stuff is Z-Wave, but I have a few ZigBee devices as well)?

Any help is appreciated!

One way around this is to build your routines in webcore. There, you can specify order of operations - so you could get your bedroom lights to turn off first.

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Webcore is a great solution for this problem. I’m a fan of local processing and the minor but noticeable bump in speed you get from it. The way I get around this limitation is to combine Scenes with SmartLighting rules. My Goodnight scene for example is configured to do very little. It turns off about a half-dozen lights (mostly to ensure the scene truly ran), locks all doors, and changes the system mode. I have several SmartLighting rules that trigger on the change to night mode, each for different areas of the house; Outside lighting, basement lighting, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. This runs them in parallel, but still takes about a minute to complete. (My rules ensure that around 120 devices are turned off at night so there’s a lot to process)

One thing to keep in mind is that there are still bandwidth constraints on the Zigbee & ZWave networks that limit the amount of concurrent messaging that can take place. Even with true parallel execution there will always be limits to the number of commands that can be reliably sent out at given moment.

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