Hub Stolen, any personal info on there? Recovery options?

My cabin got broken into and they took my V2 hub amoung other stuff, fvkers… 2 Questions:

  1. Is there anything on the hub I should be worried about? Password, phone number, etc…

  2. When I get a replacement is there any easy way to link up to all my devices, or do I need to delete them all on the IDE and reinstall and re-configure everything?

@kampto, as far as I’m aware of there’s nothing personal stored on the hub. The bad news is that you will have to start from scratch on your devices. Not sure if support can work some magic on the backend to sync you up with the IDE for any deployed apps.

Really odd thing for someone to steal.

The one time that the cloud wins over local. :smile:


I can confirm for you that the Hub itself does not contain any personal information or anything that would allow the thief to get access to your account.

Break-ins/theft really suck, hopefully you can get things back to normal soon.


ST support got back to me today, I will have to delete everything and reconnect all devices.