Hub stays offline after Internet outage. Requires reboot (AT&T UVerse)

I’m having the same problem, just bought a v2 hub and have AT&T UVerse.

Chatted with support. Response was:
“Yes, we’ve seen this ATT mostly. It’s a known issue and our engineering team is working on finding a solution for it. Until then sorry for the trouble…I don’t have any more specifics to offer. Unfortunately this is problem that we’ve seen and it appears limited to ATT Uverse users. As I said, I’ll be happy to make sure we follow up once we have the root cause identified and resolved. Until then, I apologize for the trouble.”

So I see this has been a problem for months and it doesn’t look like its getting fixed = I bought a useless chunk of tech - an expensive paperweight.

Shame on you Samsung…

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I hope this issue is fixed soon! Hub is offline now. Can’t reboot it for another ~5 hours.

My connection went down and hub stayed offline until a reset again.Still need a fix. Does the ST team need people to test anything? Validation? Guinea pigs?

My modem went out a total of 3 (measurable) times today. I hope it gets fixed soon.

I lost connection for 200 seconds and my hub never came back online, who has open support tickets on this? I guess I should submit one too?

I am debating taking the batteries out of my hub and springing for a wemo switch so I can remotely restart the hub when it happens, only solution I have heard so far that people say works.

I get you, but it’s tough to spend $50 on another automation product to turn another one on/off. C’mon ST this has been going on for 2 months.

@Mike_Stahl … Have you try the TP-Link Smart Plug ( ? It will connect directly to your wifi and allow you to remotely turn on/off. I do not have the problem with my ST hub, but I use this smart plug to turn off/on at other location. It will help until ST fix the problem.

Thanks @dchau11 I will check it out.

This is frustrating. I now use my Lowe’s IRIS hub switching a z-wave socket that ST is powered by off…then on…every day at 9a, 12p and 6p just to make sure my ST has connectivity for some part of the day. Please Samsung…help us here.

BTW, my IRIS hub has only been down 1 time that I know of over the last 4 months…but reconnected.

Wow - I’m not alone! I’ve been dealing with this same problem since the last major firmware update in December. ST even sent me a new hub to rule out a hardware problem. 2 hours to migrate all my devices and I still have the same issue. Wish I would have found this thread earlier to know it was a U-Verse/ST issue all along. I did buy a wemo switch as a fix but this sucks. Wish it would just work! I will be following this thread…

Add me to list , I have Time Warner Cable and the ST hub won’t reboot remotely . All other internet items, garage doors(chamberlain), cameras , dlink and Samsung, and thermostat (Honeywell) come back on fine . Don’t understand why the ST hub doesn’t reconnect… Frustrating when not at home to do a hard reboot or reset

Has anyone else’s Hub started sometimes reconnecting? This has happened twice in one week. Maybe my batteries are dead and my power is going out just long enough to reset it?

Another AT&T Uverse customer here with the same issue. I just installed the ST Hub yesterday and already had to reboot 3 times. I talked to a ST rep via chat just now, and she let me know that they are expecting to release an update/fix in the next two weeks…

Will update allow remote reboot?? I have tried that from the hub utilities but didn’t work

The remote reboot from the IDE works as long as it can talk to your hub. If you’re having the UVerse issue and want to reboot, you’ll need to find a way that doesn’t depend on your hub being connected to the internet.

Yet another uVerse customer here experiencing the same issue. I’m kind of out in the boonies and my uVerse has always been spotty… usual have a 2-5 minute outage at least twice a week.

I followed the advice in this thread and bought a WeMo switch and removed the batteries from the hub to enable a remote power-cycle once the internet comes back.

Does anyone know exactly what the problem is from a technical standpoint?

Not a Uverse issue as I have Time Warner Cable… Hub says it is offline. How do you communicate to hub without Internet?? Thanks

You don’t. The issue this thread is discussing is that the hub doesn’t come back online after a UVerse service is restored. If your internet is still down, that’s a different issue.

Understood and thanks but my hub stays offline after Internet comes back on and can’t reboot…