Hub stays offline after Internet outage. Requires reboot (AT&T UVerse)

I’d love to see this resolved too. Our neighborhood is still under construction so we see frequent, albeit brief, interruptions in our Gigapower service. I was confused at first because while I received the notifications that my hub was offline, I still received notifications on my phone when someone arrived at my house. Somehow, despite the hub being offline, I am still able to receive those notifications when I am not there. Additionally, Smartthings to Harmony integration still functioned, even though I understood that to be a service that required internet access since it is cloud-to-cloud.

I’ve been watching this thread intently, as I’ve had the same problem with U-Verse.

I’ve been out of town since the last firmware update, but got a notification last week my hub was inactive. Then, a minute later, a notification the hub was active again.

Finally got home today and was able to test it. I pulled the Ethernet cable from the hub and waited until the hub went offline (which seemed to take forever!), and tried to turn off some lights. It was dead. I then plugged it back in. The hub reconnected and went active almost immediately and I had full control of my devices again.

So, at least for me, the last update has seemed to fix the problem. I’m wondering if anyone else has had success too?

Mine went off in the middle of the night but did not come back online, had to push the reset button.

And again this morning, starting to look for an alternative system.

Mine did it again (comcast) yesterday - powerfail -> power up… everything comes back up except smartthings - hub never reconnects even though everything else comes back when power is restored. Must press reset button to recover. Get the hub offline message just fine from the back end. V2 hub really sucks at this.

So I have AT&T Uverse and for the first time since I had my hub, experienced a power outage. I did get notification that my hub was offline but did go back online once power was restored. I did not do any resets.
To be clear, my smarthub v2 is wired to a switch which is has is wired to a router and I am not directly wired to my Uverse.
I do have fiber uverse to the house. Hope this helps someone

I suspect that those folks reporting that it is working correctly after a power outage it’s because both the router and the ST hub go offline then come back online together due to the outage. My issue and I think the issue of some others, is when the router loses Internet connectivity, either due to a power outage for the router or WAN issues while the ST hub is still powered on. In my case the ST hub will still not reconnect after the router is back online.

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Actually, my case was the same as yours, because I tested it by pulling the Ethernet cable from the ST hub, while it was still powered on.

But… I don’t know if it is this latest round of issues, or not, but yesterday I got a message my hub was inactive and I had to manually reset it. I didn’t have time to test it again. So I’m not sure if it working for me again was a fluke (multiple tests), or something was changed that broke it again.

Either way, it is a really frustrating problem that needs to be fixed (for good) ASAP.

I tested again and this time it worked again. I pulled he Ethernet cord from the powered hub at 10:09. At 10:15, It finally told me the hub was inactive. I plugged it back in and one minute later, the hub was active again, without a reset.

So all I can tell you is that things are better for me. It was going inactive at least once a day through Feb and in the last few weeks, it only requires a reset once. And it has reconnected itself a couple times.

If the modem loses connection, the hub issue still happens for me.

From last weekend, I can almost believe if the ST hub loses connection to the ST server, it won’t come back up.

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Glad I ran into this thread. Add me to the list of U-Verse customer with the same problem.

The ST2 hub was fine when I got it last year. Somewhere along the line a firmware update caused the issue to arise.

To make matters worse, my U-verse has been a little unstable, rebooting for no apparent reason over the last few weeks. Everytime it reboot I’d have to reset or power cycle the ST2 hub. It got so bad to the point I had to purchase a Wemo switch, remove the battery in ST2, and remotely power cycle the hub with my phone everytime internet goes out.

This occurs with my old 3800HGV router as well as the new 3801HGV gateway they replaced.

Hope a solution is found soon.


That’s a good idea till or even if this issue is resolved.

Uverse dropped this am again, but at least using the Wemo switch that steph280 suggested I was able to power cycle the ST2 hub and get connected again. I have not heard anything back from the trouble ticket I turned in.

Add me to the list Uverse customer here and anytime my router drops my v2 hub will not reconnect without a click of the red button.

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Sounds to me like we should all be buying wemo switches to REPLACE smartthings. I have the same issue (have for months). To make matters worse, if you’re out of town and take too long to reboot… your devices will somehow forget how to talk to smartthings. Then you’re deleting all your smartapps so you can remove the device and rejoin it!!! THIS SUCKS!

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I have had a record number of days of uptime since I got a new router, but when the day comes I want the hub to re-connect without issue. And the most likely time this will go is when I’m go for a few days on vacation or something. I put in a ticket 22 days ago and haven’t gotten anything but an ack on it. Very unfortunate since this was working before when installed in Dec and I invested in several devices.

Damn, it happened again last night and I didn’t catch it until I left for work, guess my hub is a brick until I get home from work to reset it… Again…

I just wanted to add to the thread as I am also experiencing all of the same issues. I am a Uverse customer. My internet seems to go out for a small amount of time about once a day. So about once a day I have to reboot the SmartThings hub.

I believe I have a Uverse Pace 3801HGV modem. I use that for DHCP and use an Airport Extreme for wifi. SmartThings is plugged into the Airport.

I was going to try to assign a static IP and maybe reconfigure the network but from reading the thread, it sounds like none of that will help.

I am pretty upset with this hub. I used Wink for about a year and through vaporware issues kept with it until it up and decided one day to not connect to the internet again (until a factory restore). I then switched to SmartThings and am right about back where I started from. If this is not fixed soon, I may switch back to Wink. If only the best of both products were in one solution :grin:

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Mine actually went out while I was at work yesterday but thanks to steph280’s idea with the Wemo switch I was able to cycle the ST hub from work. It’s crazy having to use another product to make ST work.

As an update to the chain, I emailed SmartThings support to let them know that I had this issue. Here was their response (3/25/16):

Thank you for letting us know and thank you so much for the additional info. This is something our developers have been investigating and I believe they have identified the root cause. They are currently working on a fix so we can get this resolved as quickly as possible. I have marked this email address with them so we may notify you as soon as a fix is deployed.

I truly apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you so much for being patient with us through this.

SmartThings Support
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