Hub slowness and duplicated can handle callbacks

Recently the hub become noticeably slower.
I also see multiple can handle calls that returns true (i.e from the same sub driver) for a single zigbee message, sent from the device.

Could it be related to the hub 40.06 upgrade?
Or, perhaps, it is me doing something wrong?

Hi, @ygerlovin. I will monitor this behavior but I also want to confirm with you the following:

  • Have you tried restarting the Hub?
  • Does it happen with all your drivers or only a specific one?

Hi @nayelyz ,

Thank you for your replay.
Yes, I tried to restart the hub, but unfortunately it did not solve the issue.
I have only 2 drivers with sub drivers, it happens with both of them, but the number of redundant ‘can handle’ calls is different.
For the driver with single subdriver I usually see 3 ‘can handle’ calls in a row that return true (for a single zigbee message from particular device)
For the second driver, I usually see 2 calls (only one is redundant).