Hub Slow to Respond to Zigbee Motion

Just hoping perhaps for a point in the right direction. I use Lowe’s iris zigbee sensors everywhere to control motion to switch lights on. Surprisingly this had been very fast almost instant within 1-2 seconds until one of the sensors went bad. Since removing it, I have been seeing anywhere from 5-10 seconds from when the sensors see motion until the lights come on. Commanding the lights via Alexa is instant. I assume my zigbee mesh is messed up but how do I fix it? Using hub v2.

first open the device in the IDE - take a look at the Metrics section… Do you see any failures or retransmits?

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Perhaps, but first, do you have any other Zigbee devices that are slow, or even showing offline in the IDE?

Rebuilding a Zigbee mesh just requires that you completely power down the v2 hub, including batteries, for at least 15 minutes, but I usually wait for 30. All your Zigbee devices will be in a “looking for home” mode, and when your hub comes back online, the mesh will rebuild. If you have any misbehaving or bad Zigbee routing devices, be prepared to hunt them down and fix any issues, or turn them off completely during the rebuild process.


Thanks so much to you both, learned a ton just from these two posts! First off, I never saw the METRICS section before, I do see errors on some devices, really, ALL devices, but not many, so I assume that is normal and what I need to learn is what is considered excessive, etc. I have had to take my network offline quite a bit recently due to installing new equipment and wiring and as a result I think that may be why the devices get unhappy from time to time. Assume the key to checking those is when you know your network has been stable a whiole.

As for the devices showing offline, nothing there, however I do still see the issues so I may try your idea as I doubt it can get much worse. I will probably make sure there are no trouble devices for a few days before I do that, but thanks so much for the tip that a 30 minute hub shutdown without battery will get it to rebuild that zigbee mesh for me.

Great job guys thanks muchly.