Hub retirements (2021) V1, Nvidia Link, ADT

I feel like I have been in the dark about this whole ADT Samrtthings bricking and “refund” debacle, so I’d like to share my experience.

On 1-March 2021 I created the refund ticket.
9-March 2021, I contacted support because I was never contacted about the refund (thanks to aubie’s post in this tread)
10-March - Support responded and said they would supply a return authorization and label
12-March - received return label via email
17-March - I ship the ADT hub and sensors
19-March - return is delivered to the Texas facility.
31-March - refund support ticket abruptly cancelled via text with no explanation. I call the customer service number to inquire. After a while on with a representative, I get disconnected. Calling back 3 more times, I finally get in contact with someone that can actually access the support ticket system. They create a NEW ticket and tell me that is the new refund ticket code. THey also confirm that my return has arrived and I will be sent a refund in 4-7 business days.
2-April - NEW refund ticket is abruptly cancelled via text with no explanation. I contact support via email.
5-April - Support responds stating that the NEW ticket was an error and that the ORIGINAL refund ticket number has been reopened.
14-April - I contact support via email, because the ORIGINAL refund ticket is still stalled at the ‘confirmed by warehouse’ step.
17-April - Support responds that they need more time and that the warehouse team will be contacting me.

What is going on? This is ridiculous and terrible customer service. Is there some sort of class action lawsuit that we can get in on?

I guess I’m with you in the club of pi#*ed customers that have been completely screwed over by Samsung.

I just got off the phone with them after they cancelled my ticket (20 full days after the hardware was received by them, well over a month after I first submitted my information based upon which I was “approved” for a refund). They told me that my hardware is three days to old and that they never actually look at the information until they have the hardware in hand and that their “approval” doesn’t mean :poop:

I’m glad about my decision to not take them up on their “upgrade” offer but instead went on to greener pastures. I asked them to send me back my hardware and I guess I’ll start playing to see whether I can do something useful with the screen - even in case it is only to use a shotgun to it.

Good luck to everyone who decides to stick with them - it’ll be interesting to see what hardware they decide to remotely brick next.

:angry: :angry: :angry:


Well i was planning on running a kind of dual setup with Smarttings being a backup for certain functionality. I am certainly not going to buy anything new with them being a requirement at this point.

I almost wonder if they kept track of who didn’t buy the new hub and are low balling them.

Don’t feel bad I have 6 ADT hubs and never received a single email from Samsung. Made at least 6 calls to no avail. I guess they win. 32 Motions and 27 door contacts in the trash but I was able to reuse the other 200 + devices. Oh wait the smarttags all 4 of them are now worthless as well.


Have you tried sending a email as suggested above. Just make sure you use the one registered with your smartthings account and hopefully they will respond. I just sent an email to with all of my reciepts and within a few days they got back with me. They form they provided is a joke, but i don’t see why you can not use that URL as well.

Samsung has been added to my Evil companies never to do business with. Abandoning and bricking the devices ( I have over a dozen base stations at several porperties!) and TONS of sensors made worthless now. I am awaiting my “offer”, but am not hopeful. I am also awaiting a reply from Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. about starting a class action lawsuit. These are the same guys already suing for the defective Samsung Ice Tray! I am FAR more hopeful with the attorneys than with Samsung. I refuse to allow a company to treat me this way and purchase from them again. They join Microsoft and LG as never buy companies for me, my companies and if I ever have a say friends and especially family. I am patient… and betting the class action will bring a better refund than Samsung is going to offer.

I have all of my receipts (Amazon purchases) so that was an easy win.

I have already switched everything over to RING security (and I have to say I like it better). I missed the panel, so I picked up 2 echo show 5, and an (echo show 10 on order) to compensate. I have to say, I like it far better. I did spend more, but the point is it is not Samsung. That is ALL I care about. The Ring Doorbell, chime and cameras work great too.

I am removing all Smartthings and going 100% Echo (Smart Show 10 and Ring Alarm provide Zwave and Zigbee) so I am not going to miss it. I did buy a new dishwasher, laundry set and range (smarthings range… but I don’t care/ smarthings is gone) just this year. I have a 3 year old Refrigerator (with the faulty ice tray no less). I will replace those with something else at their end of life. I am not poor… but I am not so stupid as to throw out good and working equipment. I am not sure how many Televisions ( I don’t own any now) and other appliances I would have purchased over the years. I know I have already owned 4 or 5 of everything (except TV/ like Sony better). Even all of our family phones are Samsung.

All I know for sure is this:
They have made a great deal of money from me and my family for decades. They will lose even more over the following decades.

You are a fool if you allow any company to do this to you and not boycott them. I understand business ( I am a business owner)… and I suspect it is as much ADT as Samsung at fault (failed partnership).

I lose money today before losing a customer tomorrow. ALWAYS. It has always paid me back, without fail. Samsung should learn this lesson. I will wait until I get a reply from the attorneys before doing anything… I suggest you all do the same.

You are welcome to contact the same (or any other) attorneys you like. If I am allowed ( I will get banned for sure) I will post the info here as I get it.

This is upsetting. I bought 2 ADT hubs (extra for work) and a bunch of sensors last year +1 month ago. I just yesterday finished configuring a sensor to actually do somethiing useful, and relying on it to use zwave lights. Now that things integrate better with alexa I was thinking I would be able to take better advantage of smartthings but I guess that is out the window.

The hubs I got off of ebay, and the sensors off of bestbuy, 1 year and 1 month ago. I doubt the warranties are more than a year so good luck to me getting any refund for any of the hundreds of dollars spent on technology that only lasted… how many years?