Hub retirements (2021) V1, Nvidia Link, ADT

This may be the first step toward the end of Samsung as a consumer electronics company in the US. Maybe they will rebrand like Lucky Goldstar, LG. Stuff like this only destroys ADT, Smartthings and Samsungs brand name.

I did receive my refund and it was one of the larger $ amounts offered early on.

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Keep pushing. I’m currently on my fifth or sixth ticket since they keep canceling them. Mentioning legal action does seem to help.

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My saga continues. I finally made the jump over to Hubitat for automation and Surety for security. Samsung received all of my junk on May 18th. I received a vague email about a refund request being submitted on June 2nd, but nothing in there about me needing to do something. Today, I get a text asking me to provide them with information for the refund that was never requested. I don’t know what the eff is going on at this point.

Check arrived from Samsung for $669.92. Lucked out since my total investment was $210 (BestBuy had ADT Smartthings gear on clearance March '19 and I got the ADT Smartthings hub/starter kit from Amazon for $49 around the same time). Samsung initially gave an estimate of $1007 which would have been fantastic but I’m happy with what I ended up with.

Time to buy some new gear.


The saga continues. I have emailed weekly their incompetent support that always ‘kindly asks that I wait a few days for the refund.’ I am furious. My ticket, 2 days ago finally advanced from ‘confirming devices’ to… ‘Please return your devices, use this tracking number XYZ’. The devices that I returned (and have proof of delivery) in March! So again, in a bout of insanity (thinking there may be a different outcome) I emailed support yet again asking if they had lost my return. And what do I get? ‘Please wait a few more days for your refund. Ignore any texts you receive about returning the devices and tickets.’

This is absurd. I just want my old bricked equipment back at this point to burn in effegy of such a dysfunctional and customer hostile company.

Same here - they received my devices on April 1st, confirmed to me multiple times that they have received them and that I would get more money than my initial offer as I returned additional sensors, yet I’m on about the 6th ticket by now because they keep closing them and re-opening new ones (“kindly ignore the messages from the automated system”).

I asked them to return my equipment months ago and they said they couldn’t do that since they already recycled it :angry:

This is beyond infuriating – the only upside I can see is that they must help the economy (of India I assume) by having to hire additional “support” staff to answer all those inquiries.

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Well, i guess the saga ends because yesterday I finally got a check from Samsung. Its the hardest $200 I have ever worked for. If anyone is still looking for any advice:

  1. Keep annoying the customer “service” (I can’t type ‘service’ with a straight face). If they say wait a few days, email them again in that few days asking for updates.
  2. Screenshot EVERYTHING, texts, ticket updates, tracking info, save off emails.
  3. Ask them if they have lost your return. This seemed to be the crucial step for me, because I had no motion for months, but when I started asking about loss of return, my ticket started moving again.

I suppose I should be grateful that I got a refund, I essentially got to use the system and sensors for ‘free’ for a couple years, but I am still mad about the whole situation from the sudden bricking of our owned devices to the horrid return process. I took up the offer for the discounted Aeotec hub, but i’m already trying to move to a solution that cuts Samsung and its partners out. Thanks to those talking about Hubitat and Home Assistant.


So I have a ADT hub. 8 door sensors, 10 motion sensors, 3 carbon sensors and several other items. I have had the system for at least 4 years. Worked perfectly. I have no receipts, why should that matter. My system worked flawlessly and now it’s gone. I paid for devices that were deliberately bricked. They could have at least allowed them to be used locally. I can’t even use any of my sensors on anything else because it’s ADT specific.
This is beyond frustrating. I will never buy anything Samsung, neither will my family or my businesses. In fact I was at a store a couple weeks ago and a guy was looking at a Samsung TV, I told him my story and he walked away.

It’s been 1 year since I submitted ADT refund request and I am still trying to get Samsung to send my check. I’ve spent countless hours over the past year calling and emailing support trying to get this refund. The first problem I had was in April 2022, my refund request had been denied because I didn’t buy from an authorized retailer. I had purchased everything from Lowes Home Improvement and I was told that they will not support products or honor warranty of any products purchased from Lowes. I did not agree so I filed a BBB complaint. Samsung replied to my BBB complaint to inform me that the denial was a mistake and that they had reopened my support ticket. The next problem I had was getting a return shipping label issued and sent to me so I could send Samsung my devices. After 4 months of calls and emails to support I finally got someone to send me a label. My devices were delivered to Samsung on Oct 17 2022. I contacted support to confirm next steps and I was told I would receive refund check soon. It is now March 18 2023 and still no refund check. When I contact support they usually elevate my issue, give me another ticket number, and tell me that they or someone will contact me in a few days. But nothing ever happens and no one contacts me. It’s the same run around every week when I contact support. The only thing that support seems to be able to do is cancel my ticket every so often for no reason at all, causing me to have to call and get it reopened again.