Hub Offline Since January Due To Move, Ready to Start Back Up

We sold our house late January and shut my hub down and have been living in a temporary location. About to move into new home and I am wondering if there are any special procedures I should follow when booting back up. I have missed several hub updates, etc. Any guidance for this rookie will be appreciated.

What about the two apps?? There was only the classic when I shut down in January?

One item I can think of - update your location for the hub :slight_smile:


I shut ours down July of 2017 and didn’t get it set back up in the new house until earlier this year. As @jkp said, all I had to do was update the location and also put it on the new network because of an access point change. I had marked all the devices with what room they came out of at the old house and tried to put them back in the equivalent rooms of the new home so I could use a lot of my automations from the old house. It was pretty painless.

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Thanks for your help!

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Appreciate your help!