Hub not showing on any api site (Samsung credentials vs SmartThings credentials)!

I am setting up my mothers hub and its working from the app and I need to create some custom device handlers. I cannot find her hub on any of the api sites. I have tried the regular graph site, na02, na04 and none of them show it. When I login from it redirects to na04, yet still doesnt show her hub. I have reset the hub, rebooted, etc. Nothing works. This api crap is annoying as hell. Alexa also isnt working and im sure its related.

It should not be necessary to select a specific API Shard in order to find your Location object and Hub.

Login to any Shard… What shows up under My Locations?

If nothing, or if it redirects to a Shard and subsequently no Hub is listed in that Location, then you definitely need to contact (and please share what you find out…).

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Nothing shows under My Locations. I manually added Home and it added it, but didn’t add any hub connection, etc.

I have emailed them and am awaiting a response.

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I think this has to do with “Samsung Login” vs “SmartThings Login”, though I don’t know the details of the difference between them, how that problem occurs, or how to fix it.

I just think the platform is in transition between SmartThings to Samsung for authentication (and maybe other pieces).

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Well crap, it was that. I know I had tried both samsung and smartthings credentials, but that was when i was trying graph and na02. I think she is on na04 with samsung…quirky…

Thank you!

Now…my issue is why Alexa wasnt working. I think i read that Alexa only knows of the graph and na02 shards, any idea how, if possible, to get Alexa looking at the na04 shard? I assume that is an Alexa question, but maybe someone here has something.

Also, logging into her account on my phone shows 0 devices. Her phone shows them all. Sigh…

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