Hub not showing in IDE, but showing fine on app (US)

Everything works fine from my app, but when I go to I get the message:
You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.

I had this exact same issue today (first time I had logged into IDE). Also showed no devices, apps, etc.

I logged out and logged into the IDE site again, and then I went to the My Locations tab and clicked on my location name, and then was prompted to log in again. I logged in and suddenly everything was showing up properly - location, hub, devices, apps, etc. No idea what was going on.


If you aren’t on the first Shard that ST had you need to be redirected. I should think SmartThings will fix this one day but it’s easy to get around


Goto > login > Click My locations > Login again - Done


Same as above but copy the URL when you login for the second time and bookmark it (as this will be your shard) and from the on you only need to login once.


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Excellent, thank you.

Thanks for the explanations, @kraegd and @tgauchat.

Man, it is still early days with this stuff…

Not working for me, any updates on this?

Try going to and it will redirect you correctly (hopefully)

Else use my advise above. If neither of them work, you might need to contact support.


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This is amazing. It’s February 2020. I’m trying to connect an Arduino to Alexa and a good option seems to be the SmartThings hub/cloud. I started trying to program that, but the ‘Shard’ I was using got corrupted. I used the link in this message set from kraegd and that Shard works fine. I have a long trail of emails from SmartThings support and they could not help me.

Thanks kraegd!

This resolved my issue! I went to Location and clicked on my location name. The hub then showed up. Thanks!

Thanks a lot, worked for me.

The IDE is part of the old architecture and can no longer be relied on for accurate information. (Some community members have reported that the new matter hub, the SmartThings Station, doesn’t show up in the IDE at all.)

Instead, use the official web interface for the 2023 architecture at

Or you can use one of the programmer tools or community-created options. See:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

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