Hub not showing as present or accessible via API

When I try and install some SmartThings apps via a clickable link I’m taken to the website - I can logon OK but my SmartHub is not listed and I can’t click ‘Authorize’ . If I go to the ‘MyHubs’ tab there are no hubs listed and I get

You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.

Hmmm… Is this yet another UK server authorisation issue like the IFTTT problem , and can I work around it ?

PS UK shows Support chat available during day but I can’t find any link to that chat applet … Does someone have it ?

Kind of, if I remember correctly, if you click into my locations section, it should redirect you to the EU login page. Alternatively, the EU login URL is here:

So - If , for example I wish to install the SmartTiles app I come from this page…

and click ‘Go’ which takes me through to the US portal - with nothing listed in the ‘from’ dropdown…
I can select ‘my location’ and see my UK hub but now I’ve lost the ‘authorize’ button from the original link as I’ve been transferred to the European site.

Am I doing something stupid ?

It seems to be an issue with the way SmartApps are setup for UK users.

Reference Thead: Similar UK IFTTT Authorization Issues

I haven’t been able to find much official guidance from SmartThings on this, but from what I’ve discussed with other SmartThings developers it seems the SmartApp has to specifically be published on the SmartThings UK servers. Many US developers are using an unofficial feature of the OAuth workflow wherein publishing a SmartApp ‘for me’ will also allow other users to authorize against the OAuth endpoint and have the SmartApp automatically installed for them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work for EU users as they don’t see their hub/location when trying to authorize against the US endpoint and if they manually switch to the EU URL, the SmartApp isn’t available and they receive server errors.

There was an announcement discussing the impact of region-specific URLs, but the documentation on how this applies to the OAuth workflow seems to be missing as of today. (@Jim ?)

Thanks Joshua - and I now see it is the same issue reported in that IFTTT topic… it all makes sense technically although I can’t say the same in terms of Samsung’s introduction in a new market which they’ve had a long time to plan. They could , and should have sorted this in advance using whatever the most seamless way is for their users. Could have been advising developers to publish to both sites (months ago) or using some other proxy type handoff or better testing of their security layer between clouds.


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Ahhh, that explains why I seem to have to sign in twice all the time, and sometimes don’t seem to have any devices listed! I hadn’t noticed the redirection. Thanks for explaining that issue to me :slight_smile:

Sorry man, didn’t read thoroughly and didn’t know that SmartTiles tried to authenticate that way with the console.

However, even though it is smartthings/samsung fault we are using a different server, it looks like the SmartTiles owner will have to modify the app install to point to EU servers for us to use it.

Yeah external authorisations seem broken in general for UK people. I can’t get my Harmony to authorise as yet.

The api and ifttt have the same limitation in the UK right now. A fix is actively being developed… It will be magical.

You can’t jump directly into chat like the US. If you go to and select mobile live chat, there is a dropdown for SmartThings. It will bring you straight to an agent (with absurd English spelling!). We’re working on fixing the link to include SmartThings.

Similar to Aaron’s response, it sounds like SmartThings is working on a solution for using the OAuth installs for UK/EU users: