Hub not pairing with anything

(Matt) #1

I am a new customer and just got a hub with 4 different devices to connect to it. I used the Windows Phone mobile app to register my hub with the special code, and everything appeared to be fine. However, when I try to pair it with any of the 4 devices, nothing happens. The mobile app just sits there looking for something to connect to, with nothing happening. I’ve tried it with both the generic device search as well as the specific device type search. The pairing is attempted while the devices close enough to the hub to be physically touching and with the hub plugged into power and Ethernet with a solid green light.

The curious thing is, when I unplug the hub completely from network and power, my mobile app reports nothing abnormal. Shouldn’t the mobile app detect that the hub has gone offline?

Why is pairing not working for me and why is the mobile app not detecting the hub as offline?

(Ron S) #2

The hub reports offline after a certain period as far as I know… Also can you check that you have the latest firmware …13…13 (should have 2 13’s in the version… Don’t remember the exact version) and zigbee version 1.5.4.

(DLee) #3

Also, there have been platform stability issues all weekend. I encountered more problems by trying a z-wave network repair during the instability. My hub reported Err 113: Not reporting switch status. Some reboots and Z-wave exclude and include seemed to resolve.

Platform seems stable last 20 minutes or so. You might just need to try again. Check your devices list to make sure none actually paired and didn’t get named on your first attempt.

(Matt) #4

I don’t know what happened, but all 4 devices are now paired with the hub. I didn’t change anything in my setup when it started working. The previous post may have been what contributed to it in regards to platform instability, as I have no other explanation.