Hub Not Adding Smart Dimmer Switch

Replacing a failed switch. Dimmer works fine manually. When I take either the new or classic app into “+ Add a Thing” mode, it never sees it. Times out basically. When I go into, and look at events under my hub, I see the device (“GE Z-Wave Plus Wall Dimmer rejoined”) with all the various other info/data when I click on it (deviceID, etc), but it never shows up in the app to add. I’ve done an exclusion in the app (it waits in exclusion until the moment I hit the ‘up’ toggle on the dimmer and then immediately acknowledges in the app, so I thought that might be the issue, but still wouldn’t show up to add). One thing that bothers me is that I’ve tried resetting the dimmer to factory defaults multiple times (3 times quickly top toggle, then 3 quickly bottom toggle), and, according to the docs, it’s supposed to flash the blue LED 5 times (I think it was 5), but my blue LED never flashes when I do this. The blue LED works other times just fine though (when I turn off the light switch for example, to illustrate “OFF”). Any ideas ?

If you have any custom device handlers installed in IDE for that type of switch, then open the device handler and Publish for Me. Then exclude the device and try to pair again. There is a known issue where device handlers become stale and prevent new devices from being added.


If @jkp had a nickel for every time he has given this answer… Haha


Thanks guys … I called myself doing a search on this, but all I found initially was exclusion and reset directions. Thanks for taking the time to educate me on this known issue. This was it.


I’ve been on here for years - and never knew it - thnx @jkp! (I have a couple of cases I can think of which I banged my way through, but this was probably the problem!)