Hub Maintenance on April 26 and 27?

Anyone know what this is about?

nope! guess we’ll find out shortly…


Round 2 starting at 2:00 PM EDT

Perhaps a significant element of the hub connectivity is provided by a legacy system and they are migrating it.

There is an endpoint in the current API that you can (more or less) tack pathnames from the IDE on the end of, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is still in active use in the client apps for hub related stuff. So perhaps this change heralds the arrival in the API of the hubby stuff that we’ve been still been using the IDE for. Or perhaps it doesn’t. Who knows? Not me. Or do I? … No, I don’t.


All I know is that with any ‘maintenance’ they are doing I get an anxiety attack.

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Ah well, this time they tested it on the Brits first so we can report the issues. Obviously we don’t want to make too much fuss so we’ll let you know after the weekend. It’s a Bank Holiday on Monday so that’ll be Tuesday at earliest.


Love it.

Let me tell you a secret … I’m a Brit … I just hang out in the US :wink:.


My only interest is the weather tile…:rainbow: