Hub-less location app?

Can anyone share an example of an app that provides updates based on a presence arriving/leaving a hub-less location? Thanks

“Notify me when” is the app I use for my Hub-less locations. I have hubless locations for my kid’s schools and dance studio.

Scott, thanks. But since the presence device is not associated with a hub, or the hub’s locations, it does not show as an option for device selection in the ‘Notify me When’ app… Do I need to manually move it to the location first?

@tjcairns Are you using SmartSense Presence fobs or using smartphones as mobile presence devices?

In the first case, this would not work because the presence device needs to talk to a hub to know whether you’re at that location at not.

Mobile presence, one the other hand, would work. You can add a mobile presence by:

-tapping Settings in the left menu
-tapping the location you want to set up
-tapping Add Mobile Presence

Emily Allen
SmartThings QA

@EmilyAllen, thanks for your reply.

They are smartphones, using the mobile presence as you describe above, added while at the remote location. Once created for the remote (hub-less) location, the mobile presences don’t show up in “Notify me when” app… I only see the devices associated with the hub. (using the Android version)

@tjcairns You have to add the mobile presence from the smartphone you are associating with the location. So I had to use my kid’s and wife’s phones to add their presence at the locations. You don’t have to actually be at the location. You can make a new location and then move the map and drop a pin. Then adjust the size of the radius around the location and save it. After you have made the location you must use the family member’s phone to add their presence.
Then you can explore apps while viewing the location. You have to make the apps while on the correct location “tab”. If you have more than one location you can swipe left and right on the top graphic to switch locations.
It’s not very intuitive but it works :slight_smile:

@av8rdude That did it… was doing everything else correctly but had not figured out the ‘tab’ UI behavior. Thanks; I should be all set now.