Hub is offline several times a day

Hi, after a long time of smartthings working brilliantly, I’m now suffering issues where the hub goes offline at random times for periods of between a couple of minutes and 10-15 minutes.

I don’t think this is a router problem as the internet still works fine, kids tv streaming and web browsing on phone or tablet work fine when the hub goes offline.

I’ve also seen that the light on the hub is green when it’s supposedly offline. A removing of the power and Ethernet and reinserting caused it to come back online again.

I also see that it loses connection to three relays that I use on the garage doors, saying they are unavailable on the app (android). Yet if i go to those devices on the app, clear the message about them being unavailable and try to use them they work fine and the unavailable status goes away.

This doesn’t smell like a simple network connectivity issue, but something more deeply routed in smartthings.

Coincidentally it seems to have started around the time I bought a new samsung smart tv. (Which had it’s own issues with my router as samsung think it’s a good idea for the tv to announce itself as “localhost” when requesting a dhcp address…)

I’ve tried removing the network cable from that tv, but still get smartthings hub disconnection, so I reckon the tv is just a red herring.

Any ideas?

I get this all the time! I regularly see this on my phone:

Sometimes I even see multiple “is disconnected” or “is now active” notifications without any of the opposite type which makes even less sense!

But… even when my hub is supposedly disconnected, everything still works (which means it’s not actually disconnected!), so I just ignore these notifications now even if they are slightly annoying!

This has been reported by several folks now.

ST have acknowledged it and explained to me over PM what is happening. They said they would report back in here with more detail at some point.

Tagging @nastevens.

Thanks @Nezmo - what looked like a simple issue actually appears to have at least a couple different root causes. I’d ask that anyone who is still seeing these messages contact support and let them know so we can track and make sure fixes being made are having an effect and that the scale of the problem is correctly understood. Thanks!

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Thanks Nick.