Hub is blinking green every five minutes

My hub version two has started blinking green every five minutes and then it will be solid green for a while and then blink green again. it’s been happening over and over for the last two days. I think this means it’s booting and rebooting. Everything else on my Wi-Fi network is fine. Does anybody know why it would be doing this? And what can I do to remedy the situation?

I just did some experimentation and it’s only happening when I access my Arlo app or an Arlo event happens for instance, a camera detects motion. I don’t think it’s any kind of interference because both of them(st hub and arlo hub) are on the wired connections.

Hey there!

@Eric182, Green blinking: This could mean the system is booting, processing, upgrading, or completing its setup.

Included is a link to what the LED Colors mean on a Hub. You can locate the article here for review:

Have you tried re-authorizing and reconnecting the Arlo app to Smart Things by logging in to your Arlo Account from Smart Things?