Hub Inactive requires hard reboot?

I don’t know if this has been addressed before but everytime my internet glitches or the hub can’t phone home the only recourse is for me to reboot the hub… how often does this thing try to phone home? I had to cut the power to install a wall switch (controlled by the hub) and the only way I could include it was to reboot the hub after power came back on. I waited 15 minutes and just said F it I am not waiting anymore. Is this normal? Does it take longer to re-attempt a connect?

By any chance is your Internet provider AT&T Uverse? If so, it’s a known issue. See:

Well hells bells… Yes I do, but hoping to ditch it soon… That’s wild thanks for the link!!

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I just posted a workaround for the issue if you’re using UVerse. It’s on the other thread referenced above.