Hub in France?


Do you know when your hub and device are disponible in France?


Hi @Ej3359

Not answering your question but the same question was asked for Italy 10 days ago and not yet answered. Smartthings in Italy

If it helps, I have installed a UK sourced hub and various devices in France and it all functions well. Support have pointed out to me that warranty is void and the plug on the hub has to be put into a socket converter but, otherwise, it’s fine.

I was not able to buy one in France as resellers in UK do not ship to France. (and Hubs in US are not compatible with european Z-Wave frequencies)

Therefore 2 possibilities:

1/ have a friend buy one for you from UK and ship it to you

2/ wait for samsung to sell their french hub


if i buy a hub for US and Z-wave devices from US, will it work in france?

It will work, but it will not be legal.

Z wave frequencies can overlap with local frequencies for mobile phones and emergency services like ambulance communications.

For this reason, the Z wave alliance has assigned specific frequencies to specific regions to make sure that there is no interference with these other services.

If you use a US frequency in an EU country, you might cause this interference, which is why you are supposed to use the EU frequency instead.

In addition, you will have a very hard time finding Devices which can handle EU style wiring With a US frequency hub. So you will have a hard time finding plug-in modules, in Wall relays, light switches, and even door locks that will be compatible with your home.

Before the UK hub was available, some people in Europe did use the US frequency devices, but once the UK hub became available it just generally makes more sense to use that. You’ll have a much better choice of devices if you stick with the correct regional frequency. :sunglasses:

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Les fréquences sont differentes, cela ne fonctionnera pas.

Peut etre ceux vendus en UK


Thanks for all that information.

I was thinking of using US Z-wave hub because i want some devices not available in France/EU

My current devices :

  • Kevo smart lock imported from US 3 years ago
  • 6 Philips hue light
  • 1 philips hue hub
  • 1 Nokia home cam (formerly know as withings)

And my next project is to expand my smart ecosystem to my DoorBell, i’m in a old appartement so i wanted to try something like mimolite or
i could import them from but from what i understand now they would only work with a US Z-wave HUB

So my thought was to have the US Hub to use US Z-wave tech, and for what is available in Europe use Either Zigbee, Wifi or bluetooth

I assume you mean a Philips Hue Bridge, yes?

You can use the Phillips hue bridge with either The US hub or the UK hub, that integration is via LAN.

The camera should also be a LAN or cloud to cloud integration and should work with either hub, assuming integration is possible at all.

It’s really only Z wave devices where there is a frequency issue.

The Mimolite is available on either the US or UK frequency, so if you haven’t bought it yet, there’s no problem.

The Kevo model smart lock uses Bluetooth, and does not work with either the smartthings US hub or the SmartThings UK hub. So that one doesn’t really make any difference in that sense. If you get the Kevo plus bridge unit, you might be able to use IFTTT for a cloud to cloud integration, but in that case again it would work with both hubs. However, their IFTTT channel is very limited: you can get a trigger when the lock is locked or unlocked, but you cannot make it unlock. So it’s not what most people are looking for.

The smartthings hubs do have a Bluetooth radio inside, but it has not been activated and at the present time you cannot use it with anything. :disappointed_relieved:

So based on the devices you’ve listed, there’s no reason to choose the US hub over the UK hub, you would have the same compatibility with both. Again, it’s only Z wave devices where there is an issue.

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Yes i meant the philips hue bridge

I’m thinking of the futur smart devices i want to acquire not just what is out there at this moment

US is always the first to have new device right ? They rarely became available at the same time in US and UK ?

The project i’m on right now is making my wired door bell smart and it’s a pain, i’m not that familiar with electricity and pretty new to the smart home tech.
After reading a lot of things on the net i found that the easiest way was with a momentary relay switch and most of them are Z-wave based and then again i can easily import them for US but not from UK

I’ve looked on the web who use the 908 mhz frequency and it’s a local mobile operator who us it for 3G but my town is covered by 4G so it wouldn’t be a big deal if i’m using it i think

Europe is often first if the device is made by a European manufacturer. For example, Fibaro and Nodon Z wave devices are always available in Europe before they are available in the US. So I wouldn’t make that the basis of selection.

Most of the relays available for the US will not work with European wiring and the ones that do are almost always also made on the European frequency as well.

Have you looked at the device selection at Vesternet? They have excellent technical support articles and they would give you an idea of what kind of devices are available on European frequency.

Thank again

I think this is what i need for my doorbell :

One last question, the smartthings hub UK only come with UK power cord right ?