Hub Help / Information

My 5 year old v2 hub reported offline on the afternoon of Sept 29, 2020 and hasn’t yet returned (Oct 5). I highly suspect that it is history. The status light is not illuminated at all, there are no signs of life. To troubleshoot, I have:

  • Un-plugged / re-plugged the power supply
  • Removed / replaced the backup batteries
  • Tested the power supply for 5v output
  • Tested the outlet the power supply is plugged into
  • Tried a different 5v/2A power supply

Is there anything else I can try to revive it? My understanding is that I will have to start from zero if I buy a replacement hub. I’m inclined NOT to do so at present as I hope to move in the near future and don’t want to repeat the process all over again at the new location.

Once I do, is there some action I have to take to remove my old information from the cloud when I sign into my Samsung account? What about ActionTiles? My understanding is that my subscription is tied to my specific hub.