Hub going off line with latest firmware 17

My Hun has been updated the other day and since then it keeps going off line then back online 5 mins later. As anyone else having this issue.

Yep… mine has done it twice

Hopefully someone can tell us what’s wrong, did we have to do anything after the last update?? Anyone ?

Same here…

Tagging ST folks… @Aaron , @nastevens …

Are you still having this problem? Looking at the time you posted this, it correlates with cloud issues on Friday causing Hubs to go offline. Let us know if you’re still seeing this happening.

That’s odd… not doubting you, just clarifying - you are sure it was a reboot (i.e. uptime change or saw LEDs change) and not a disconnect? If so, it could be the system watchdog triggering on an application crash, which we’d definitely like to know about - please PM @posborne and myself with the email you use for SmartThings and we can dig deeper. Thanks!

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I went by what the notification said. I didn’t do any further investigations. It may have been the cloud issue that you’ve mentioned. It only happened once on Friday around 10:00 AM EST. I will certainly reach out with more details if it happens again. Thanks for your prompt response.

Hi Steve

Yes mine went off line twice, but has been stable since then. Again I did not look in detail but will keep record if it happens again.
Can we interigate the hub to find out anything to help.

Just to be sure, I interrogated your Hubs for core dumps (created if the main Hub process dies unexpectedly), and didn’t see anything, so at this point it looks like it was most likely cloud issues. But definitely let us know if you see this again.

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