Hub goes on and off


Just sent a support ticket to ST.
Since I came back from work, my hub goes on and off non-stop
The light change from blue to green. It works for a couple of minute then goes off

I tried to restart the hub, the modem, the router and update my smartapps without success

Can’t find what is happening, anyone else?


I suggest trying a different power supply if you can find one with the right specs.

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Since I didn’t change anything at my setup, why would the power could be an issue?

Is there a way to validate the log or something else to find an error?


I’ve had power supplies fail before even when nothing changed on my end.

Can you clarify if on and off refers to powering on and off or if you mean online and offline?

I believe @johnconstantelo sees your statement as referring to a power issue (which it could be). But I believe you are going online/offline since you mentioned the led light changes between blue and green. If that is the case, try swapping out the Ethernet cable and plugging into a different port on your switch/router (that is if you are using Ethernet and not wifi)

Yup, another good thing to try for sure.

Thanks for the reply

Ordered a New Power supply 5v 2a yesterday night, Will see

The hub change from Blue to green, but doesnt seem to lose the Power, si Will try a New Ethernet câble too.

This morning the hub seemed more stable,

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