Hub Gen 1 - How long will it be supported


I still have a Gen 1 Hub and everything has been working fine for years, even today. I did bye a Gen 2 years ago but I have not used it as I don’t want to mess w/ migrating everything. Any idea, rumor or not, how long Gen 1 will be supported. My thought is if it aint broke…



They have stopped updating the firmware on the v1 hub

jkp Thank you for the response.

Yes sir but my fear is it may lose support in the App and IDE and I will have a mess w/ trying to move devices if that happens. Your thoughts, should I be concerned?

Yes, I would recommend updating. I imagine when groovy is shut down later this year - so will the v1 hub. There was a post from ST that legacy hubs would be shut down in phase 3 of the platform migration but they never specifically stated which hubs

Thanks again jkp. I was afraid of that. I’ll start the research again on the best way to start moving things over.

With the v1 hub, you would need to move each device individually as there is no migration tool for the v1 hub.

You will probably need to get a new aeotec hub that is the rebranded ST v3 hub. I doubt you will be able to find new, existing ST hubs anywhere unless you get one of the bundled kits on Amazon.

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I bought a Gen 2 when they were first released that has been sitting around. I plug it in periodically when I see there are new firmware updates so it is uptodate asf the 35.04 firmware released recently.

I’ll probably do a few devices at a time and run 2 hubs until I get them all moved.

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Just remember that you are changing the “backbone“ of your network as you remove devices. It’s pretty easy when migrating from one hub to another to end up with two networks that don’t work well because neither one has repeaters in the right place. So you have to do some physical planning if you migrate slowly. I’ve seen people try to migrate a few devices at a time and decide the new hub was terrible because things which worked well in the old configuration didn’t work in the new, but it was because they hadn’t brought over enough repeaters yet. :thinking:


Thanks for the great advice JD, I hadn’t thought of that.

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