Hub fried from simple reset. Any tips for replacing and redoing everything?

Are there any guides or tips for replacing a v2 hub with another v2 hub? A new one is on the way.
Serious question here… I just want it to go as smooth as possible.

Thanks in advance…


I have a horrible feeling you have to set it up from scratch. I don’t think you can simply replace it as the Hub itself is ‘paired’ to an instance of itself in the cloud I think.

Whether ST can ‘switch’ the hub used for your location to the new one and it updates the new physical hub I don’t know, but I doubt there is a tool for transferring everything to a new hub.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong though.

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Also another thing that has helped me is Take screen shots of autmotomations/rules so that you can reference how you had things set up before.


I haven’t read through this, but it may be of use as well.

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And this is why I am slowly moving things off ST wherever I can (IFTTT, native apps, Yonomi). The lack of a migration tool is downright unacceptable at this point.

Thank you Jason… I’ll print both and compare… I know… The configs should be stored on their end and brought down to a new hub when needed…

It does seem silly… But My guess is that they will have one before the end of the year. I think that Samsung will want one after they have a 2nd gen smartthings in their tv’s, and I can’t see them putting up with the support to walk all of those homeowners through migration.

I think your being overly optimistic. This tool was expected end of last year and never came. Smartthings management has not even acknowledged it and the platform is a complete free fall this year. Many of us long timers here have really started to give up including a lot of the keys community developers. These forums have become a place for venting and complaining instead of healthy, productive, help discussions.

I don’t disagree here, Perhaps I am being optimistic. My thought process is that the current user base that is transitioning to v2 from v1 consists of mostly early adopters and ST core. It will be a very different upgrade when they include thousands of the regular public in an upgrade process that makes you start over. I just don’t see samsung putting up with it.

I myself have been on the fence, and i’ve definitely seen it happening, I’ve followed ST since the beginning, and in the last year and a half very closely.

I agree, and am guilty of complaining once in a while myself. On the flip side, You do see the Irony in that statement right? :smirk:

Agreed, I am venting also more than I would like to. This was the first week I actually started looking at alternatives. Even this morning, my Hue bulbs didn’t turn off at sleep mode and stayed on all night. I moved that rule over to Yonomi.

Well that’s lucky… My zwave network is down on ST and Support is “working on it”… So at least you have some control!

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