Hub Firmware Release Scheduled for 4/21/16 (Hub V2) - 14.38

@Tyler assuming the Z-Wave lock patches are included in this release?

When are Hub V1 fixes scheduled?





Thanks :smile: I look forward to testing this as soon as I get the update!


Boy I hope this fixes my problem.
Every time my ATT uverse router resets itself I have to reboot SmartThings.

It may not honestly, read this post. :slight_smile:

Try setting up your uverse router like this and it should resolve your problem.

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Hi @slagle,

It’s not explicitly mentioned, but will this address zigbee devices that work just fine one day and then drop off the mesh for no reason. I just reset 5 devices again today when I got home from work, and I’m getting a little tired of having to reset devices every single night.


Thanks Tim - I’ve just changed the Uverse router settings.

Judging by this link, there were no changes deployed since early March, but I know there were changes done to Hue connect app and Hue handlers, where are those documented?

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We V1 owners get no love anymore.

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I suspect the team working on Hub V1 are also working on the migration utility.:wink:


This better fix things. Half my devices require uninstalling /reinstalling every day or two! It’s madness

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Would any of this fix the reporting of SHM to the app and it’s current state? I can never tell if I’m armed or disarmed without going into the IDE. Support just says, we know it’s an issue. Sorry.

I am guessing V1 is EOL at this point in terms of support… They are still letting it run obv not wanting to kill off anyone, but its not getting new updates. I think what they learned is that the firmware for the v1 was too hard to maintain, which was the main change for the v2 I bet. This is all conjecture on my part at least. Some of the issues people complain about doesn’t seem to be as prevalent on the v1 so who knows.

Given the procedure to upgrade from v1 to v2, and most people saying they saw 0 improvement by going to v2… I see no reason to upgrade at this point. I dont know how i feel not getting any firmware upgrades…either its stable enough or they have just gave up on us. And I’ll do what I do with my iPhones, every other hardware update is the best way to upgrade.

Fwiw my sunrise and sunset worked perfect today.

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Yeah, it does work good. It’s a bug somewhere that allows two sun states to run somehow. Almost replicated today how it happened, but after couple of hours I got tired and went back to do my work before I get fired chasing ST bugs…


It can eat up a lot of time, fortunately I don’t have a lot of direct supervision at work…


And they think that the NCAA basketball tournament/brackets eat up a lot of productive time at work.


Keeps running smoothly? You must be one of the few that has no issues. You should buy lotto tickets in bulk.

I have Routines that may or may not trigger as scheduled or do what they are set up to do and lights that might dim on their own for no reason. Just hoping this update stops some of the BS.

So @slagle does the SSDP buffer increase get to the bottom of issues with Sonos and DNLA devices creating problems with Zwave… Or does it compound it further?