Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

thanks … did not see that

My hub stil got 015.00008. but it still did a reboot tonight the 18. with the following in log.
2016-11-18 6:39:00.957 PM CET

Hub ‘Home Hub’ updated


I rebooted my hub, perhaps it will help with a clean update without errors… still at 015.00008…

I see similar “hubupdated” in logs as well, three times. As well as zw/zb_radio_on, which i think is the hub rebooting.

I was one of the chosen few that got 16.7 and now have nonfunctional zigbee devices (aka all of my lights). What is the timeline to either roll back or fix the issue? Wife is bugging me.

I am sorry to hear that. Please contact support so we can investigate further. Everyone should have functioning ZigBee networks whether or not you received the firmware update on Thursday.

So what’s the schedule for the rest of the rollout?

Let them have sufficient time to fix all the issue before release again


I don’t have all the details yet, but we will probably wait until after the holiday weekend. More formal announcements to come soon. We appreciate the patience!


Lessons learned from the Nest support bunch that seemed to like to release updates/upgrades during the holidays — when no one is home to monitor the success of the update :wink:


agreed… lets wait till after thanksgiving

Yep… precisely my point as well…
Supporting Windows ecosystem would be a big win for Smartthigs (Windows Mobile, PC, Xbox, Tablets…) imagine Smartthings tiles in Hololens (or the much cheaper and affordable Windows VR headset for 2017) ! that would be awesome!

see: Android 2.2.2 - Release Notes for my comments on that topic.

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Don’t take this as me being an ass, I’m curious what you would do with hololens and how often. I can’t think of how I would use it, but I also don’t have one?

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Hi Eric,

The Hololens is way beyond my wallet! but this is a cool gadget… and more for Smartthings Marketing…
For instance, you could imagine “pinning” some Smartthings control and value tiles to the wall of the room you are walking into and see the parameters and control related to that room next to your email, weather, news, video, all in augmented reality, etc… This is more of a future proof of concept / demonstrator (as anything Hololens currently!) But still pretty awesome.
I won’t be able to afford an Hololense. However, I will certainly consider the cheaper VR headsets for Xmas 2017 if the “windows 10 creative update” delivers on its VR promises!

Above all, I am interested in having a Windows 10 UWP app primarily to run on my Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PC/Tablet… (having a large touch screen on the surface Pro 3/4 to configure and use Smartthings would be great). UWP app could natively integrate with Cortana as well (best voice AI recognition around… I am not a native English speaker and Cortana can flawlessly understand me whereas other (Alexa, Siri and google fail)!
I can also see a strong advantage for XBOX users would could access Smartthings as an app on their TV as part of the XBOX desktop… The XBOX One S, with 4K BlueRay and HDR native support, is quite attractive as a living room device …

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On the day my Hub was updated to the 16.7 Firmware, none of my ZigBee (Motion & Open/Close) devices were working. I had to go around removing and reinserting the batteries on each device for them to start working. 2 Open/Close sensors I had to exclude and reinstall to get them to work. Once done with that, everything seems to be working…

What zigbeeFirmware do you have? It should be either 2.3.4 or 2.1.11.

I too have had many failed zigbee devices since the firmware upgrade. I have reset almost all of them.

You mention the firmware should be either 2.3.4 or 2.1.11

Mine is zigbeeFirmware: 2.1.10 - How is this to be updated?

Thank you.

Only hubs that received the firmware update to 16.7 would be on 2.3.4 or 2.1.11. Hubs that are still on 15.8 will have a zigbeeFirmware version of 2.1.10. I believe your hub is in that second group. If you are having problems with either version please contact support so they can help. I’m particularly looking out for any ZigBee issues with 2.3.4 since I did a lot of work on that version.

ZigBee Firmware is at 2.34.

Any idea when the 16.7 update is being rolled out to other users like me that have the 15.8? I’m trying make sure I’m available during the scheduled update so that I can calm my better half down if anything stops working :slight_smile:

They said after Thanksgiving so probably next week sometime.