Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

Doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

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@Aaron thanks for the update, much appreciated and hope you sort the issues soon.

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Really happy you guys did the right thing and put a hold on things when error rates were going up! :+1:
Though we’re all excited with getting improvements, bringing down the system isn’t worth it!


Totally agree. Rather than knock the guys for carrying on regardless we should congratulate them for halting the upgrade and sorting the issues before carrying on.


One thing to keep in mind is that testing environments are not production environments. We tested this for months and then did a beta with SmartThings customers and we saw no issues. We decided to move forward based on that. But again, you can do all the testing in the world but you can never get all the scenarios and as hard as you may try you will never be able to create an exact working copy of a production environment.

The important thing to see here is we do phased roll outs. (<1%…1%…10%… etc…) We carefully watch to see what is happening during all stages of the roll out. This is what allows us to make sure things aren’t going wrong and if they are stop them before they get out of control. In this case we affected less than 0.0005% of our user base. :slight_smile: Plus we already have a hotfix in the works.

We know we aren’t perfect and we take steps to mitigate that. To me that is something that should inspire confidence. Trust me, you don’t want to buy a product form any company who thinks they can do no wrong.


Well said, thanks for ensuring quality!


Was the error in the deployment or in the actual firmware? aka I received the update, so should I be worried about problems cropping up?

This is even more fun that waiting for GPS map updates! :smiley:

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Well I’m incredibly happy that the SmartThings staff are acting in a really responsible and practical manner, I work in IT and know full well you can test to the end of the earth and then a roll out will never go 100% to plan.

Myself and I hope the rest of the community will support not only your approach but the fact you are all totally honest and open as you go along.


You are not on the list :slight_smile:


I’m subscribed to status updates I have not received any of the ones related to the firmware update. Are there multiple subscriptions required or is the type of announcement being used not getting pushed to subscribers?

This is why the ST Team rocks. Phased roll outs and being totally honest with us if things don’t go as expected. It takes balls that does, and more power to the team for it. :heart:
If only other companies operated the same way we would all be better off.



So, brief update from engineering…

At a high level, part of this update includes changes which require that we update the firmware on the Zigbee radio. For a subset of users (<10% of the initial group we deployed to), this firmware update failed on the first try (this is not completely unexpected). Unfortunately, some of the new logic to deal with how we communicate with the new Zigbee firmware from the host ended up messing up with the detection that the device is still expecting to receive a full firmware update.

Most likely, what we will do is:

  • Push a hotfix to the small number of hubs that currently have non-functional Zigbee due to this update that should roll them back to the older Zigbee firmware.
  • Develop/retest a fix that increases local Zigbee firmware update detection/robustness and roll this out to everyone (this will be communicated).

We are also investigating the root cause for the initial update failures as well to see if there are changes we can make to reduce the chance that a retry of the full firmware update is required.

Alright, back to work…


OK thanks for the info! you are giving 100% customer service by communicating with us despite the issues which is very rare nowadays. So thanks to ST team!


Any reported problems with Zwave garage door openers? Mine will no longer work wondering if anyone else has reported or seen this ?

Kudos on the process gents. This is the right way to do it.


Thanks for the update. Now if we could only get your mobile teams to update the Windows Phone app to be on Par with Android and iOS. Kinda feel like the red headed step child here…


@tyler - its the 18th and my hub is still on 015.00008. Tried rebooting the hub as well

Has the update been delayed again ?


Read up. Yes it has.