Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

Hi, I got the update, enabled OTA updates Ave noticed that my multi purpose sensor has a target target firmware different than the current (which means I need to update it) how do I do that?

Thank you

If you’ve enabled OTA on the hub then just reseat the battery and preferably leave it close to the hub. Should update within the hour.


My lughtify strip and spots are working fine. I’ve got 5 multi sendors. None have updated.
It did check.

Version Published
Zigbee Id
Device Network Id 7429
Hub Nh Hub
Group Family Room
Last Activity At 2016-12-03 11:46 PM EST
Date Created 2015-09-18 3:26 AM EDT
Last Updated 2016-12-01 11:25 AM EST
endpointId: 01
Raw Description 01 0104 0302 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0020 0402 0B05 FC45 02 0003 0019
Current Version: 0x10025100
Target Version: 0x10025100
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2016-12-03 9:56 PM EST
Current States
temperature: 70 F
humidity: 40 %
battery: 56

This looks like a Temp/Humidity sensor which doesn’t have a firmware update available yet. If there was an update available the target version would be different than the current version.

That is one of your multi sensors, which I thought you said have firmware updates.

Can you double check that you’re looking at one of the multi’s? The info you pasted in is definitely a Temp/Humidity sensor. I can tell because of the raw description 01 0104 0302 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0020 0402 0B05 FC45 02 0003 0019. The raw description for a multi sensor should look like this: 01 0104 0402 00 08 0000 0001 0003 0020 0402 0500 0B05 FC02 01 0019.



FYI. Ticket #286581 opened for me. I’ve have 11 zigbee devices drop since the firmware update where I needed to manually reset, including a couple Keen vents that I needed to visit twice. All have been GE bulbs, Iris motion sensors, Iris open/close sensors, and Keen vents.

What use to be a very stable zigbee mesh for me has been turned upside down. This is very concerning. Hub version 16.9


I’ve had a complete reversal of fortunes in regards to zigbee for myself. My non smartthings zigbee devices like orvibo seem to have become extremely reliable whilst my smartthings branded ones have become unreliable.

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I had issues but I took the advise from support removed the batteries and power for 30 minutes. It all came back to life except some camera’s, which I never got to work yet.

That’s what I’ve done in the past. It’s unfortunate that we have to do that. Things were working so well for such a long time for me until this particular firmware release.

So my hub has gone off line every day, at least once a day since the update. No particular time…


When you say offline do you mean reboots? I’ve been helping another user get to the bottom of random reboots he is seeing on his hub.

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Okay, I’ve thrown an upgraded motion sensor as a test into a small cardboard box.

Lo and behold in a couple of hours had two detected motions. Nothing to do with environmental conditions or heating come on etc @Aaron

I’ve now ended up was a smart home with smartthings motion sensors that’s constantly telling me there’s motion all over the house ever since the firmware upgrades!

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lucky for you lot being able to update your sensors, my hub has been Zigbee nil for 5 days now and I finally get an email saying that my hub is one of the few affected by a dodgy update, did i want to wait or have a new hub. well i’ve asked for a new hub, lets face it, if it’s one of a few that doesn’t take updates well then i want to change it. In the meantime though, before i’d realised it was the firmware failure that caused this, i’d managed to snap 2 battery clips on my sensors by continually switching batteries in and out, very poor design. For now i have to wait to see if a new hub turns up, some confirmation that one is on the way would be nice.

With the constant false alarms i’m getting on upgraded motion sensors, i’m not sure i’m feeling very lucky right now.


How do I get the hub to stop checking the software version on my Lightify Spots? Whenever it checks the software version, it’s like a power-on condition. Lights turn on to full brightness at the power up color. I have turned OFF OTA , but it is still checking once per day. Frustrating.

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The same thing was happening to me. I disabled my OTA updates and it stopped.

I recommend letting support now. So they can keep track of these instances. That’s what I did.


Please do. We are pulling logs and looking into this

Yea, reboots…

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@Mike_Maxwell look forward to your resolution on this. Also tagging @einars on this conversation, he’s spent countless hours trying to figure out why suddenly his hub started rebooting. Working through for a few days have narrowed it down to some SmartApp API’s which when called are probably causing the reboot, no sure exactly which one yet. @Aaron

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