Hub Firmware Release Notes - 30.3

My Fibaro Double Switch 2 updates status ok both with the app and
the wall switches.

That’s set by the DTH, and reasons can vary, so that’s a hard question to answer.

Those are two images and it’s very hard to read across those to line up what’s what. I recommend just 1 screenshot to make it easier to help you debug things.

What does your Zigbee radio say for it’s state. It should look like this:


Also, are your other Zigbee device now back online, or are these all the zigbee devices you have?

30.5 beta is coming.
Just received email!

What this version is going to address?


I’m done with SmartThings. This last firmware update was the last straw. Since 30.3 pretty much all of my Zigbee device’s have gone offline. About 6 Cree bulbs on Sunday, and now today several other bulbs from other brands. I’m done with forced firmware updates with no way to roll back when essential services go offline. New bulbs purchased that connect directly to my voice control devices. I’ve had relatively minor issues with Smart things before, but there is no excuse for this, none.


Yeah, 30.3 was (is) pretty awful. I’ve had the system for a few years and thankfully haven’t really had any problems, and that’s with a fairly extensive set of devices.

But 30.3 broke the majority of the functionality of my system and I was pretty much done with it (wouldn’t be hard to find my recent posts, quite angry about it…).

A few days ago 30.4 (beta) was released which fixed most of my problems and last night 30.5 (beta) looks like it’s fixed more for others too.

Just FYI.

The switches came back online, but that did not fix the issues of the sensors being offline.

Mine has been pretty reliable for the years that I’ve had mine as well. 30.3 broke zigbee for me.

Cree bulbs are repeaters, so if they’re offline or dead, they will have ripple effects throughout your Zigbee mesh. These bulbs are terrible. I replaced all of mine with Sengled bulbs a long time ago, and I’ve never had a problem since.

I’m not sure what your scenario, or @slimshizn’s may be with your Zigbee mesh, but I recommend reaching out to support. I have well over 200 Zigbee devices, and so far none of the firmware release have impacted me.

Tagging @tpmanley for awareness.


So I spoke to support, told them of all my troubleshooting. They are escalating it to the next level, but he said they will probably have me remove the devices and re add them. Yes its not as much as your 200 devices, but it still is a pain in the ass having to go through adding all of the different automation’s and things I have added to each device separately.I also suggested to the beta platform that they allow for “replacing” of said devices so that the settings stay in place and you can just search for a new device to replace it. This would save time and headaches.

Yikes, that’s their default go to reply. I’d push back and ask to speak/email with 2nd or 3rd level support.

That’s my plan, no thank you sir haha.


The new update says “Fix for a rare problem causing issues communicating with zigbee devices.”

Wonder if this is what I’ve been running into…I have 3.05 beta and didn’t see any difference.

Interesting find, I just saw that myself. I wonder is that requires a hub restart or to rejoin each device.

FYI @Tom_von_Trott1

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Curious as to your go to for your zigbee motion sensors and open/close sensors. I might move to hubitat if this isn’t fixed unfortunately.

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Great question, but offtopic for this thread.

Please start a new thread under devices and you can take your Zigbee device discussion there. Thanks! :sunglasses:


Yes my fault I will do that.

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Hi @Tom_von_Trott1 I’m really sorry to hear about the problems with Zigbee devices following the 30.3 release. Someone in our office reported a similar issue as you with Cree bulbs going offline following the 30.5 release so I took a deep look at her hub and think I understand what is going on and how to prevent it in the future.

Basically, something is causing your hub to think there are two Zigbee networks sharing the same network ID so it switches to a new network ID to avoid a conflict. All the devices on the network are supposed to switch to the new network, but some devices do not. Cree and GE Link bulbs seem particularly likely to not switch to the new network.

Unfortunately, the best option for you will be to factory reset and rejoin any devices that are not currently working as they likely will not be able to recover on their own if they haven’t already.

We’re going to make a change to prevent the hub from changing to a new PAN ID which should prevent this specific situation from arising in the future.

Again, I apologize that this happened. This has been a long standing, albeit rare issue that I’ve never been able to explain until now.


@tpmanley, is there any chance that it has happened before on other v2 Hubs?
How it would effect other Zigbee brands? What would trigger an event like this?

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