Hub Firmware Release Notes - 30.3

Have you tried the soft reset instructions above? You won’t lose any of your devices or automations.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, the soft reset was suggested by somebody the other day and that seemed to put me on the right path for an hour or so and then it went back to how it was. Repeatedly disconnecting. I did the soft reset many more times and then it works for about a minute and disconnects. Tried 2 separate routers. Replaced batteries. Differrent ethernet cable. Uninstalled and reinstalled smartthings classic app a handful of times. Ran zwave repair several times. Support called me yesterday and then my very loud siren went off during the phone call, that is part of my smartthings setup. I thought that was funny. It has a mind of its own when it reconnects for a minute

V3 hub works worse with every release. Sometimes ST app can’t update device status and show previous state. It can stuck on current state when I turn it off/on from ST app. Also device update taking to long so device control looks buggy. Few releases ago everything worked like a charm (my device list wasn’t changed). Z-Wave network repair doesn’t help…

P.S. Made soft-reset - nothing changed. When I turn on/off lights on my fibaro switches (I have single and double) ST app don’t update their status. If I turned on device manually I need click turn on in ST app, wait around 15 sec and then I can turn it off.

Can I install previous version of the hub firmware? Ideally the version which was installed on my hub in November 2019, it worked very good

No, that is not an option. Otherwise, look at this topic regarding the Fibaro issues, Z-Wave Issues with Firmware Update 30.3

My previous post appears to have been deleted soon after posting.

New issue : won’t allow me to even remove an old fibaro implant (the only fibaro I have which was, at least, detected).

Stop deleting my posts!

Edit… Not sure what the crack was there, but it looks like I was mistaken and the post has not been deleted at all, the time line looked messed up.

It may have been moved/merged to here? Z-Wave Issues with Firmware Update 30.3

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They always say they’re “excited to announce”, this always worries me.

And no mention of fundamental Z-Wave changes.

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probably under various minor bug fixes, since that’s what is the issue. Samsung became compliant with the zwave standard, which exposes certain devices that have firmware that is incorrect. I would be interested to know if companies lose their zwave certification if their devices are found to be noncompliant.

Beta testers can use an alternative firmware version.

For that reason, and due to the severely crippled system I’m now left with (due to an ‘unfortunate’ mix of affected devices), I have requested to essentially beta test the old version again until things are fixed.

Bearing in mind how completely damaged mine is, I’d appreciate it if this could be done.

Moving forward, there really needs to be an option for rollbacks in case anyone suffers this kind of crap again.

If I can’t be allowed to roll back, I’d appreciate a response on specifically why, rather than “No”. I want the old version back because as detailed elsewhere, £500 worth of equipment is now (temporarily?) useless until possibly, just possibly, next week, it might work.

Again, I’d like the previous version restored on this hub of mine. I’m fairly sure this isn’t “Apple” we’re dealing with so stop behaving like Apple!

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Check this out:

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You broke my hub. It keeps going offline. Stays online for only a few seconds. Do you even test your crap?

I have the exact same issue with it going offline

Did you try the soft reset instructions above?

Yep, still broken. I guess I will get a different product. It had a good life

The hard reset has been successful so far but damn it has been a lot of work getting it back up and running with all the devices and automations. Not to mention having to redo Smart tiles which I have not attempted yet.

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It’s Saturday… Does anyone have an eta on the beta firmware that a few of us signed up for that was due on Friday please?

Getting it onto my system will confirm whether compatibility has been restored to

Fibaro ubs
Fibaro smart implant (functional with niggles)
Horstmann boiler switch
Fibaro Double switch

He said 12 of May i think

Nope. Should have been friday - it’s now saturday in all parts of the world.

Hey All, We are releasing 0.30.4 firmware to our external beta users Today (Friday, May 8th) which includes the fix for the Z-Wave issue in 0.30.3. If you are interested in receiving the firmware, please sign up using the following link You can always opt out afterwards. I would appreciate if those with the affected hubs and devices could sign up and provide feedback over the weekend. Thanks again for your help and patience!

I don’t want to be pedantic but it’s still Friday in American Samoa…


Friday, 8 May 2020 (GMT-11)

Time in American Samoa

haha… well in that case, I pity the guy who is currently at work at 23.11, frantically trying to sort out this firmware and roll it out in the next 49 minutes. = p