Hub Firmware Release Notes - 26.9/26.12

The Samsung OCF Dryer and Samsung OCF Washer are independent of the Hub.

There are updates to the OCF devices on a pretty regular 1 or 2 week cadence and there was likely a change recently that is causing your issue. Please contact support so they can track the issue.


I recently found that when I try to change the color temperature of bulbs, they turn on as well. This started happening in the last week or so. Here is a picture of a scene I use that used to just change the color temperature without turning the bulbs on.

That was a change in the hub firmware release that went out last week. The are some newer bulbs that do not change the color temperature if they are not already on so we changed the implementation of the Set Color Temperature command to also turn on the bulbs. The commands to set the level and the color already turned on the bulbs so this also made it more consistent with those other commands while also fixing the issue with setting the color temperature on these newer devices.


Thanks for the response. I understand where you are coming from but now there is no simple way to change color temperature throughout the day (without having 20 lights come one at seemingly random times). All to make interfacing with bulbs I don’t own more consistent. You aren’t able to interact with bulbs with different capabilities differently?

Okay, with my complaint out of the way (;)), any advice on changing color temperature throughout the day without having to make 3-4 different lighting automations for each room? With motion triggered lights the setup is a bit tedious but do-able. For turning on lights with an Amazon echo, I’d like “turn on the Master Bedroom” to result in soft white in the evening and daylight in the morning.

One last thing, it was a bit disconcerting to have most l lights in my house come on at 5 AM (when I change them to bright white) and smarthings support had no idea why. Just FYI.


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Anyone else seeing that the hub/devices are VERY slow respond (minutes) in the morning/weekends? Could be coincidence but this started last week.

I am not experiencing this.

Anyone keep having devices say unavailable even though they are reporting and responding? I have to reboot the hub then they come back, only to have other devices do it later.

Yes I have seen this over the last few days.

What’s their status in the IDE before you reboot?

Everything is showing fine right now, I will check next time it happens.

Are u running custom device handlers? If you added these devices years ago there my be a more appropriate device handlers. I saw that with many irs devices.

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My hub lost network connectivity and has not regained since this update. This happened during the last update but a reboot fixed the issue. This time no luck. What sucks is that I rely on this hub being remote and it’s becoming less and less reliable every firmware update that happens.

Not on the devices that show unavailable, they are stock.

Even though your running stock there could be better device handlers. If they create new dh types your dh’s don’t automatically update to them. I saw this with iris devices.

I have another one doing it, this one is a Halo Smoke/Co/Weather. I can fully control it and it shows offline. The IDE shows “HUB_DISCONNECTED Cloud a few seconds ago”, but you can see it was updated a “few seconds ago” so that doesn’t make sense to me how something that just updated can be offline. I can turn the light on and off that is on it and see activity in the logs so who knows.

I have mostly Iris devices as I had to move my whole system over a few months back. I had a few devices on ST’s to tinker with when I had Iris. Anyway to update these then or would that be a removal and re-add? I know I can update the custom ones, just don’t know about the stock ones.

I have the samething. Devices show unavailble but are working. My garage sensor is one of them. Its the only one that shows unavilable and is not working.

This seems to be a growing problem. Reboot the hub from the IDE and the HUB_DISCONNECTED will go away.

Not really… I rebooted my hub 2019-07-02 11:04 PM.

And here is the events I have up to now.
1st of, I am really wondering why on a consumer product it is meaningful to popup disconnection events that are below 30sec.
2nd, I see recently several “Active” logs for a same disconnect event
3rd, I only lost my Iris garage opener since the update so I am not sure if the disconnection are related to losing devices.

Log date State disconnection duration
7/11/2019 7:29:43 active 02.2 s
7/11/2019 7:29:41 disconnect
7/11/2019 6:20:08 active 00.0 s
7/11/2019 6:20:08 active 00.0 s
7/11/2019 6:20:08 active 00.0 s
7/11/2019 6:20:08 disconnect
7/10/2019 4:47:07 active 00.0 s
7/10/2019 4:47:07 active 00.0 s
7/10/2019 4:47:07 disconnect
7/10/2019 3:19:02 active 15.15 s
7/10/2019 3:18:47 disconnect
7/10/2019 4:52:40 active 02.2 s
7/10/2019 4:52:38 disconnect
7/9/2019 9:52:13 active 00.0 s
7/9/2019 9:52:13 disconnect
7/9/2019 8:49:31 active 01.1 s
7/9/2019 8:49:31 disconnect
7/9/2019 2:21:55 active 03.3 s
7/9/2019 2:21:52 disconnect
7/7/2019 6:55:48 active 02.2 s
7/7/2019 6:55:46 disconnect
7/7/2019 11:53:12 active 00.0 s
7/7/2019 11:53:12 disconnect
7/7/2019 4:27:35 active 00.0 s
7/7/2019 4:27:35 disconnect
7/6/2019 8:45:13 active 00.0 s
7/6/2019 8:45:13 disconnect
7/6/2019 11:15:05 active 08.8 s
7/6/2019 11:14:57 disconnect
7/6/2019 11:00:57 active 12.12 s
7/6/2019 11:00:45 disconnect
7/6/2019 10:11:16 active 00.0 s
7/6/2019 10:11:16 disconnect
7/5/2019 5:05:00 active 19.19 s
7/5/2019 5:04:41 disconnect
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I have reported similar issues to Smartthings support a year ago. They have blamed my network setup as my Hub is connected to a wireless AP.

This was their answer:

“SmartThings has been designed to run directly plugged into a router and not purposely built to be used with a switch. With that said, we do have known users who have the Hub connected to a switch and works fine for them. However, this may vary from user to user as we have found there to be stability issues for others. It will be great if you could give it a test and monitor for a period of time by plugging your Hub directly to the router to see how everything works for you.”

Hub disconnects and reconnects are carried along since. Recently increased a lot. I can see on the Hub’s LED that it goes blue and turns green again.

A year ago the issue was that bad, as looking at the events log of the hub for the 3 days I could see 1417 hubStatus messages (disconnected and active), and 626 register messages.

I haven’t looked at the logs recently, but there is still no option to filter the messages (I asked for that feature a year ago though), and all of it is spammed with the ssdpTerm messages from local network discovery, so cannot really see the disconnects when it has happened more than a few hours ago. The browser fulfills the memory of the computer when trying to load more logs due to the wrong design of the ide page, bummer.

Meanwhile I have another reported bug for a year too, when a camera tries to make a still image the transfer of the image brakes and reboots the hub.

Maybe that is a main feature of the hub that it reboots/disconnects randomly and continuously.

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