Hub Firmware Release Notes - 26.9/26.12

Any idea when the Leviton 300W ZWave dimmer will be supported properly? Smartthings shows it as on when it is off, but is able to turn in on, off and dim it, but status says it is on when it is off.

Which model? Have you contacted support regarding this issue?

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It is a DZ6HD-1BZ, which is actually a 600W dimmer. I have not contacted tech support. How would I doo that? - John

I noticed that my Konnected switches no longer responded following this update. Had to reboot the boards to resolve the issue

I thought it worth linking the thread below to this thread as it may be related:


HA-Bridge Hue emulator integration stopped working yesterday after update. All Hue devices appear OFFLINE. Rebooted everything still not working. Hue control is working independently but not through SmartThings integration.

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Adding in my comment that I also seem to have Hue issues since this update…

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At least one custom automation is no longer working correctly. Continues to fire when disabled, and even when deleted

I too have HA-Bridge and lost connection with firmware update, submitted email to support.

We’re aware of this. The firwmare update included changes to provide better local support for portions of device health for individual hue bulbs using status endpoints. This works by using the /api/<username>/lights/<id> endpoint’s reachable attribute. We suspect that HA-Bridge is providing an incomplete emulation of the bridge leading the the bulbs attached to the HA-Bridge showing up as offline.

While we did not intentionally break HA-Bridge the fix here should probably occur within HA-Bridge by fixing the emulation.

EDIT: Tracking issue against HA-Bridge filed to work with that project’s developers:

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This firmware has broken Samsung Washer and Dryer integration on Hub v2. After the updated there are no status updates in the IDE therefore my automations have stopped working. Status works in the new phone app as expected.

Please help!

Washer and dryer connections don’t go through the hub, so I suspect that’s a different issue.

I just got version 25 on connect home last week.

Something changed for the worse with Hue integration. Stock everything possible. No custom DTH’s no custom code/apps. Just SmartLighting and stock DTH’s all around. Popcorn is back. Maybe even worse as it seems the fade up (theater effect) is now longer too, didnt know ST had any control over that if not then I’ll blame Hue. But up until this firmware everything was ‘ok enough’. It still popcorn’d with hue bulbs on hue bridge, but it was acceptably fast. Now we are back to 2017 levels of slow turn on.

I wonder if anyone that QA’s this code has a ‘moderately’ large setup. My bedroom I have 3 lamps, that turn on with motion, all hue bulbs on hue bridge using smartlighting. I walk in, and theres easily half second between each bulb turning on. 2015-2016 it was nearly instantaneous for all 3. 2017 it was again .5 sec between bulbs. 2018 was reasonable and maybe .25 seconds between bulbs. This slowness is more evident in my kitchen. I have 5 can lights with hue br30 color bulbs. So its like 2.5 seconds or more for all 5 to turn on, add in 2 cree’s that i have connected to hue because when connected to ST they suck so bad… its like I’m halfway across the kitchen before all the lights are on.

So yes, something with 100% stock, as ST would lead you to believe the best setup, Hue integration has changed for the worse…regressing about a year in terms of functionality. Yes, the lights work they do turn on. But overall time of execution is not acceptable. QA needs to have like at minimum 5 bulbs on hue before they can say ‘all good on my end’… and just functioning isnt acceptable. Actual speed of execution should be fast. All this was working GREAT soon after the Hue dth was moved to work locally. I’ve had a great HA system up until this bug returning… So annoying

This is the second time a Hub upgrade that coincides with this issue. Has to be related somehow I would think.

Correlation does not mean causation. There are many other pieces to the smartthings environment that could have been changed around the same time as the hub firmware that would break things (cloud changes, device handler changes, UI changes, etc)

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The Samsung OCF Dryer and Samsung OCF Washer are independent of the Hub.

There are updates to the OCF devices on a pretty regular 1 or 2 week cadence and there was likely a change recently that is causing your issue. Please contact support so they can track the issue.


I recently found that when I try to change the color temperature of bulbs, they turn on as well. This started happening in the last week or so. Here is a picture of a scene I use that used to just change the color temperature without turning the bulbs on.

That was a change in the hub firmware release that went out last week. The are some newer bulbs that do not change the color temperature if they are not already on so we changed the implementation of the Set Color Temperature command to also turn on the bulbs. The commands to set the level and the color already turned on the bulbs so this also made it more consistent with those other commands while also fixing the issue with setting the color temperature on these newer devices.


Thanks for the response. I understand where you are coming from but now there is no simple way to change color temperature throughout the day (without having 20 lights come one at seemingly random times). All to make interfacing with bulbs I don’t own more consistent. You aren’t able to interact with bulbs with different capabilities differently?

Okay, with my complaint out of the way (;)), any advice on changing color temperature throughout the day without having to make 3-4 different lighting automations for each room? With motion triggered lights the setup is a bit tedious but do-able. For turning on lights with an Amazon echo, I’d like “turn on the Master Bedroom” to result in soft white in the evening and daylight in the morning.

One last thing, it was a bit disconcerting to have most l lights in my house come on at 5 AM (when I change them to bright white) and smarthings support had no idea why. Just FYI.


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