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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26


I know one rep here has said they have found a fix and will be released soon. Meanwhile,… alert pistons, intruder alerts are going berserk that id have to disable them…


(Mario Fuchs) #428

@Brad_ST I’m getting these false offline notifications frequently (2-4 times) during the day as well. False in the sense that the internet connection is functional but the ST hub thinks otherwise. Just got one 14 minutes ago, feel free to poke around my logs :slight_smile:



I was also getting the notifications around the same time. I noticed on the 14ty around 5pm that my hub had no LEDs lit up. Everything appeared to be working but I went ahead and rebooted. LEDs are green again.



I understand that v2 Hubs running firmware 25.26 are now experiencing long delays when detecting Z-Wave device status changes that are manually (not via the app, a routine, piston, etc) performed.

It seems there is a workaround with restrictions. What is the workaround?

I also understand that there IS a fix that will be released “in the near future”. WHEN!?



I believe I’m having the same issue as well. @patrick.nelsen had said he was going to look into my logs to see what he could find.


(Andreas A.) #432

These notifications don’t seem to be connected to the 25.26 FW – I am receiving a plethora of them for the last few days (and they all are wrong – opening the app immediately after the push notification that my hub is offline shows the hub being online). I received the “hub back online” notifications hours later once I got back home (yet was able to connect to the hub the whole time).

This is with an ADT hub using FW 20.203 (since there is nothing more recent that that available for that model…)

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(Devesh Batra) #433

my hub rust rebooted on its own and is running 25.00027. is that the latest ?


(Lazy Pawn) #434

You are lucky. Mine went offline all of a sudden 15 minutes ago.


(יונתן גרג'י) #435

I haven’t decided yet what is more USELESS- the smartthings hub or all Fibaro devices.
with this amout of problems you should shut down this project. Smart home? are you kidding me? i’m working full time job trying to solve countless problems and one is solved there are several new ones.
The smartthings support is also useless and unprofessional.
I advice new customers to think of other options.



when i was just starting to dabble with “SMARTTHINGS” and i had an issue with inherent SMART HOME MONITOR i.e. alarms just going off for no reason, a wise ole member here pointed out to me that IF ITS SOMETHING MISSION CRITICAL to NEVER TRUST or USE smartthings. and for me to find something more reliable like PAID security systems.

so, ive learned from that advice and this was at the very least 2 years ago and nothing has changed.

prominent of these issues are the DELAYS in triggering for something to happen. i.e. if a light is supposed to be turned on when a motion (fibaro) detector is active and this does not happen after i am done brushing my teeth… then definitely and issue but not mission critical.

why can they just hold on releasing updates unless they are 100% sure all issues has been ironed out? everything was fine until this update. i just wished they’d make up their mind on the fix.


(Lee Florack) #437

Whoever that was, they’re absolutely right. I love my SmartThings setup. It usually works well and it makes my life more fun and convenient in many ways. However, it is not sufficiently reliable to trust with the security of my home and family. I have a monitored security system for that and it does its job very well.

YMMV - or Choice is good!


(Joseph Fattizzi) #438

I have noticed that devices tend to go offline at night…around 7pm EST. They are fine all day long and then at night i go from 7-15 devices offline. By morning…all are back.

Any ideas?


(jkp) #439

Any chance you are encountering interference? For example, Perhaps your kids (if any) turning on devices at 7 pm that might be causing the issue? Is your ST hub near anything such as WiFi router, tv, etc?


(Joseph Fattizzi) #440

I thought about that too. Yes, my kids turn their devices on, but it happens even when they arent home.

How do I put my smartthings hub v2 not near my router? It needs to be connected to it…doesnt it?


(jkp) #441

Something to try, get a longer Ethernet cable and move it at least 9-10 feet from the router and see what happens. You never mentioned if the devices that are going off-line are z-wave, zigbee or cloud-to-cloud. Moving the hub would generally only offer improvement for zigbee devices.

But as always, contact ST support at and let them investigate.


(Duy Hoàng) #442

When Samsung connect home upgrade fireware to 25.x version? Some xiaomi sensors are still disconnected after a few hours(samsung connect home current version 000.024.00052 )


(Robin) #443

@tpmanley @Brad_ST @cbaumler @Zach_Varberg @posborne @Kianoosh_Karami

The local handler for Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5 is not reporting scene ID’s to smartapps (specifically webCoRE).

On the next FW update, is there any chance you could add the line attribute "scene", "string" to this handler? Without this the Fibaro scene functions are unusable for users who wish to run things locally.

I’d send a github pull request, but I don’t know how lol

Thanks in advance!!


(Robin) #444

Just to add to the above, the new local handler IS reporting scene, but not the attribute reference.

There is therefore a workaround:

  • Assign a custom handler to the Dimmer 2 that has the ‘scene’ attribute listed at the top of the handler.
  • Link the device to webCoRE and the ‘scene’ attribute will be listed as an option when editing pistons.
  • Build and save piston.
  • Change handler to the local one, the piston will still be subscribed to the scene attribute referenced by the custom handler.
  • Do not try to edit the piston after changing handler, as the scene option will disappear. Instead, switch back to the custom handler before making edits.

Not exactly a convenient option, but at least there is an option.

Adding the attribute line to the local handler will fix this and would be much appreciated.


(Tom Manley) #445

It’s a DTH change so not related to a FW update but yes that seems like a reasonable change we can make.


(Robin) #446

Perfect thank you!

I assumed local handlers were somehow part of the firmware as new local handlers get announced alongside FW updates, must be a different area of local storage then?