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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

I’m seeing this too…
Some of the dropouts also triggers an offline notification on my phone, but not all of them…
Have never gotten an “Online again” notification though… :flushed:

I have not seen another disconnect since the one I reported earlier.

Thanks guys for sharing your experience. I’ve had someone from ST contact me a little bit ago, so we’ll see what happens. It doesn’t seem to impact devices, for now. I’ve also tested for any network issues, but all that is good too.


My hub went offline at 2:35 this morning for about 6 minutes. I just assumed my Internet dropped for a few minutes. Don’t know if it’s related. Been fine ever since then.

Hey @Alwas
My fibaro relays are not responding

What was the DTH conflict?


In the last few days it seems a lot of people are having trouble including Fibaro (z-wave) modules so that they show up, excluding them works ad infinitum.
@RBoy here FAQ: My lock/device does not pair or appears to pair but it won't show up in the mobile app or IDE
says republishing a custom DTH refreshes the cache, so to be safe I deleted all corresponding custom DTH’s associated with the device, in my case ST Support (but you could find it buried in hub logs) gave me the device ID, manually created a device with that ID in the IDE, THEN deleted that device, THEN i was able to include and have the Fibaro appear in list of devices. My uneducated guess is that this all has something to do with the new Z-wave framework introduced with 25.


Great answer… thank you

Now there is some direction, I can now try and sort it
Going to start with republishing and go from there

Nice one

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Im having similar issues. All of my zwave switches are slow to update when pushed physically. When called from Alexa they respond as they always have ( blazing fast). I emailed support and was told to exclude and re-include all of my switches( 18 devices).

Its ridiculous that this should happen after a firmware update. its even worse that support has no answers.

Please don’t do this. That’s not going to help.

I believe a fix will be coming for this issue. I don’t know when though.

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I have no intention of spending countless hours fixing something that was inflicted on me. @nastevens What can be done? This is ruining the WAF



You do not need to exclude or include your devices. We have a fix for this issue, and should have a release in the near future. In the meantime, I have a workaround for your problem, but comes with restrictions, if you are ok with the restrictions, I can enable the workaround.

Please PM me for more details, and we can work together.


@ All

If manual change of Z-Wave devices do not get reflected right away in the app, that is a known issue. I am going to update the release notes with this known issue. We have a fix for this issue and are going to include that in a release in the near future. Timing of the release is TBD, but it is planned for mid to late April (leaning towards late April).


You might want to explain to your wife that it is solely your fault that you’ve purchased a hub for the price that is less than two switches to control your entire home and that despite their effort, some issues passed the beta testers and affected your system. But that the same people who made your devices work seamlessly together are working hard at fixing their mistake.


That’s all I would need to say. The rest is superfluous. :slight_smile:


oh no, bah!.. already excluded 2 Fibaro motion sensor’s in a lame attempt to bring them back on line

Got nowhere with the Fibaro relay’s not responding

I am not sure what your issue is based on that description. The better the description, the faster and more likely someone can help out.

What is not responding to?

Unfortunately, my hub disconnect/active events went from happening every 2 hours, to 1.5 hours, and now it’s happening every hour…

Hi, thanks for your reply

I have three Fibaro relays that are not responding, one is a garage door on a momentary relay
the other two are relay’s just operating lighting (kitchen under unit lighting and kitchen ceiling lights)

I also have 3 Fibaro motion sensor’s, I have (rightly or wrongly) tried to reset two of them back to factory settings and tried to reinclude them, unfortunately without any luck.

I have not messed around with the relay’s as they have been rock solid since being introduced and I am hoping the next update is the fix…

I have tried a Z-Wave repair (several times) all it brings back ‘Network repair Could not update neighbors’ and ‘Could not delete old routes’ for all three Fibaro relays

To be honest, until this hiccup, my SmartThings set up was working brilliantly… full control on lighting, audible notification of heating left on…lighting on/off…contacts open/closed

OK, I am going to take a look at your hub hopefully before end of the night. Sorry that you are experiencing these issues.


All I can say is…
Thank you very much
Looking forward to your findings