Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

Something has definitely changed for the worst on Z-Wave. I am consistently seeing very slow updates of state from devices manually operated. This did NOT happen before this FW update.

It’s a real pain for a number of reasons… one being I have several smart switches with no load that have a Smart Lighting rule to mirror to another device. So now when I operate the switch at the wall the device that should mirror the switch might take a minute or two to kick in. If I had delays before it was seconds.

@Kianoosh_Karami, I appreciate you trying to help but you said what you saw was expected behavior because I have many devices and some do not report status so I have to wait on polling and my mesh is large. Respectfully I have to point out that I did not get these issues before this update…

My problem is not with just one or two devices but so far every device I have tried.

Operating via the app is fine. This looks like a change in the polling or whatever was changed with Z-Wave in this update has affected polling, badly.

After getting rid of a few bad devices in my network some time back I had been so happy with my Z-Wave stuff - all was performing very well. Now things have taken a step or two backwards and all that changed was the hub FW.

EDIT: My door locks are taking even longer to report state so my automations based on those are also useless right now.