Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

We have released 0.25.27 only to hubs that were experiencing the issue described in the following post

If your hub’s Z-Wave Node ID was NOT 0x01, you most likely have been experiencing communication problems with only secure Z-Wave devices on 0.25.26 release (not all Z-Wave devices use security to transfer messages). We fixed that issue in 0.25.27 and pushed that change to only hubs that were experiencing this particular issue.

You can determine if your hub had this issue by checking the Node ID of your hub, by checking the Z-Wave section of the hub info page (

For example:

How do you determine if a device uses security?

If the raw description of your Z-Wave device has “s” (lower case) in the “zw:” section, then the device uses security to transfer messages. Capital “S” means that device is of sleepy type. “F” is for FLiRs devices, “L” is for listening devices. You can only be either “F”, “L” or “S”, and “s” can be combined with any of those types.

An example of a secure device Raw Description:

Feel free to ping me if your hub has a different node ID than 0x01 but you do not have 0.25.27.